The return to roots

Hello WordPress, a new chapter begins ….

I have done some deep soul searching over the last few months and as a result Mini Me Makes will see some changes, starting with this new blog and a return to its roots in 2018.

These roots, if there was ever any doubt, lie in crochet and pattern writing.  Why the change?  Well there’s been a few catalysts.

The first one being sales, or more specifically making to sell. I unintentionally got sucked onto a sales path when it wasn’t actually my intention. Facebook, yes, I do blame you, almost entirely in fact. There’s no denying that social media is THE way we socialise now, it’s where our friends and acquaintances all are and millions of potential customers.  So surrounded by hundreds of thousands of other crafters all trying to get seen and sell their gorgeous goods on social media, it was all too easy to jump right in.

But the thing is it takes a huge amount of your time to get ‘seen’, even by your own page fans. It requires multiple daily page posts, time and energy networking with other crafters etc, sharing your wares night and day on your page, your personal profile, groups, networking pages, sales pages. It’s all about your presence and yes it works, you get likes, lovely comments, make new friends even and  some sales too but … the time … oh so many hours … and I just can’t sustain it, I don’t want to.

Don’t get me wrong, there are millions of crafters and businesses very successfully working social media and loving every minute, but when you don’t love it, it’s time to take a step back to reassess where you’re going.

I do so love creating things and meeting people and am truly honoured that they want to buy my makes. I am even more honoured when they ask me to create something just for them.  My passion, you see, is in truly creating something completely from nothing but imagination. My imagination, customers imaginations and my wonderful sons imaginations.

Now it’s my eldest son’s imagination that really has driven the return back to my pattern writing roots.  What started with Calendula the flower fairy who I created from inspiration from the bright and cheery summer flower, then grew into a whole new fantasy land based in Sunny Meadow and Brambly Wood. It wasn’t long before more fairies materialised in Daisy, Rose, Frost, and Berry & Bramble the wood fairies too but then Mini Me Makes took a different path for a while and the fairy adventures sadly went unnoticed, by me anyway.

But not by my eldest son, he had opened his heart and imagination to this world and flowing through him have been hundreds of more creatures and beings. He has filled pages and pages of a sketch pad with these incredible beings that are bursting to materialise. Alongside he has written magical tales of their adventures. I really am humbled and am totally in awe of his creativity.  I cannot wait to focus my creative energy on making his imaginary world materialise.

Exciting times ahead …

Come with us on our journey by following our blog 😀

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