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Brambly Wood

Mini Me Makes

Brambly wood, ah such a charming wood, have you been? Oh you must have, the beautiful big forest next to Sunny Meadow, where the meadow flowers dance in the breeze? Come with me now … there’s so much to see …

Feel the soft dense forest floor beneath your feet and allow your senses to fill with that delicious woody smell … ahh … we’re here…

Take a look around, the striking fauna in a thousand shades of green orange and brown, bowing as if quietly welcoming you as you pass. Oh the trees, a myriad of different species, all standing proud together, tiny little saplings bursting with life aside their enormous time-honoured grandparents each all eager to tell you their tales.

Perhaps they are. Whispering their stories as the wind swishes through their leaves, carrying their song through the forest for those who can hear.

They tell tales of the beings who dwell within, of adventures and struggles, of friendships and foes, of magical nooks and of dark scary places where nobody goes!

Are you ready to meet them? Come walk beside me, we’ll need to be quiet … shhhh … wait … who’s this that we see?

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