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Mini Me Makes

Continues from the post Brambly Wood (read it here)

Why, its Gordie!

He’s a troll don’t you know but not your usual kind of troll, oh no, Gordie’s really quite different.  He has his own, very distinctive look, the last of his kind we are told.  No, Gordie’s not like anything you’ll have ever seen before!  But don’t be alarmed, he’s a very friendly chap …

Gordie the troll

Guardian of Brambly wood

meet a friendlier troll, 

no, you never could.

He hears the tales of the trees within

and shares them with those who’re willing to listen

Ah yes, with skin of green he is a dashing fellow

Scruffily dressed in brown but not yellow

He walks barefoot, never heard of a shoe

His face always happy, as are the other two!

Other two? What? how can this be?

You see Gordie is a troll who’s heads number three!

“Good day, good day, good day” says Gordie as he approaches us on the path ahead. “Welcome new friend and old what brings you to Brambly in the Wintery cold?”

“Ah Gordie hello, how lovely to see you.  We were out for a stroll and thought we’d pop by, to see you fine folks and just say Hi, but its awfully quiet, do you know why?”

“It’s winter silly! silly silly! There’s only us here. The others all sleep til the Spring Fairy comes near.  But we never get lonely, just us and the trees, with the whispering stories they sing in the breeze”

“Oh Gordie, of course, how silly indeed. We have a few minutes, can we stay for a while?, do tell us a tale that makes you smile”

“Oh no, not today dear friends old and new, I’m expecting a visitor, now shoo, shoo, shoo!”

“Gordie! That’s rude! We’re guests in your wood”

“Sorry,  sorry, sorrrrrry, we’re so nervous you see, the Frost Fairy is coming to ours for some tea. She’s the Winter Fairy so powerful and strong, she scares us a bit, hope she doesn’t stay long!”

“Oh Gordie, you sweet gentle soul, she’ll be so excited, you’re her favourite troll!  Frost isn’t scary, she’s dainty and twinkles and where ever she visits, leaves glittering sprinkles.  In the morning you’ll see, just how pretty it’ll be. She’ll sprinkle frosty twinkles all through Brambly Wood, on the ground, on the trees, on you if she could!  Perhaps we’ll pop by, for a wee cup of tea and stay for a natter if you’ll have us Gordie?”

“Oh thank you” says Gordie “thank you, thank you, and a really big PHEW! So glad it’s not the Queen of Ice who really isn’t very nice! Ah such a joy it will be with the lovely Frost here for tea! Yes, dear friends old and new, please do, please do, please do”


If you love Gordie you’ll be pleased to hear he is currently materialising through crochet, and we hope to have him made soon to show you, along with his pattern so you can make your own adorable Gordie too. Check back for updates as we’ll link them here. 


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