Spiral Snuggly Yumminess

I actually made something for me 💕 How many of us yarnaholics achieve this? and so early in the year too! I spent all of last year making lots of things for others but not one single thing for me.

In the autumn I made several pairs of gorgeous mitts (this fab Moogly pattern ), with some matching hats too. And using the same gorgeous yarn, my fav yarn of the season, Soft & Smooth Aran by The Women’s Institute at Hobby craft, I made a gorgeous swirl beanie that sold at the first fair I took it to.  It is worth mentioning here that the Moogly designed items also flew off the tables at both fairs I did. Mitts are definitely a must-make for autumn/winter fairs.

Back to my hat now though, alas, I foolishly didn’t write down how I made it! Oops, I didn’t even take a picture, as it was made so close to the craft fair and in a short burst of creativity.  It was only my 3rd stall ever, and at a new venue so I guess I didn’t expect it to sell.

Now, if I’m totally honest, I’d happily have kept the hat for myself, I liked it that much! So it had stayed in my thoughts and on my to do list to recreate it asap!

However I also really rather loved the Moogly mitts, although the button would have caught on my tight storm cuffs on my super fab trusty old cope-with-any-weather parka, which I also love and very much need in the wild Highland weather! But I needed mitts soooo …

I decided to create spiral mitts using a very similar design to the gorgeous, but, not meant for me, hat.  I did, of course, search Ravelry and Pinterest for a pattern first, I always do before I spend hours trying to figure out a pattern. Why reinvent the wheel so to speak, if someone else has already got a beautiful pattern available I’ll happily buy it and save myself some time.  But there wasn’t a single pattern to be found for the spiral pattern I had in my head! I did worry there may be a reason for this, but cracked on with it anyway and here’s what I made …

Spiral Mitts

Spiral Mitt

The pattern is almost finished being written up but I’ll be sending it to my testers to be sure of no mistakes.

**UPDATED** you can find it here: Spiral Mitts Pattern

So what do you think? …

It will be here before Spring I promise!  And what’s even more exciting than a new pattern? Two new patterns! I’ve done the hat too.

That might be the next blog post then 😉

See you soon xxx

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