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Frost the Winter Fairy

Woods are truly magical places all year round but there’s nothing quite so magical as a visit to Brambly Wood after the Winter Fairy has been … and been she has, rather a lot …

The narrow pathway through the trees now glistens with tiny little lights while each step sounds with a delicate crisp leaving barely a mark on the firm sparkly ground. Silver and white sprinkles adorn the spindly bare branches and drape frosty shimmers over the trunks of even the toughest old trees. The evergreen leaves and the carpet of those fallen are dusted with glitter and sparkles.

No, a more magical place you’re unlikely to see, I wonder is anyone else here today or is it just you and me?

“Gordie” …. “Hello” … but silence …

The silence is peaceful yet so unusual here in Brambly Wood. So we walk along the sparkly path some more, until we hear voices just up ahead …

Amidst a small clearing sitting at a quaint little table are Gordie and … Oh my goodness … She’s still here … Frost the Winter Fairy!

Gordie & Frost
Frost & Gordie (by Harry, age 4)

“Oh good day, good day, good day, old friend and new” says Gordie as he sees us approaching. “Come join us for tea, please do, please do, please do”

“Hello and thank you, a kind offer I must say, and what an honour it is to meet you, the Winter Fairy, on this fine frosty day”

Gordie and Frost 2
Gordie and Frost (by Evan age 9)

We take a seat at the table and share a hot pot of tea with the friendliest troll and the most beautiful fairy we ever did see.

She shimmers and sparkles glittery twinkles

With each movement she scatters her magical sprinkles

With such a beauty so precious

And so fleeting to see

There’s none more enchanting

Than Frost the Winter Fairy

Wouldn’t you agree?
Frost the Winter Fairy
Frost Fairy

I’ll let you into a wee secret. I’ve met the delightful Frost before. She loves to be around humans you know, but few of us like the cold so she asked me to crochet her so she could make lots of human friends. And of course I did, who could resist such a sweet plea?

Would you like to make your own shimmery Winter Fairy to delight someone special year round?

My pattern is pretty easy, using simple common stitches, has been well tested and is downloadable on Ravelry. Just click on one of her pictures to go there. Or click here.

Do pop back and tell us of your adventures with her. I heard a whisper of a tale where she once defeated the Queen of Ice (who’s not very nice), it’s quite a story, perhaps she’ll tell us one day …

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