Seaside Stash Busting Blanket CAL – by Coastal Crochet

I have been seeing so many gorgeous pics of this CAL on WordPress, Facebook and Instagram that I must give in to the temptation and just join in πŸ˜€ They’re on week 10 now eeeek! Can I catch up? I’m definitely gonna try …

So stash is out (can’t possibly show you, my hubby might find out 😱) and a few colours being hummed and hawed over. Ok when I say few, I do mean several but ok I’ll show you them …

I have a few full balls in gorgeous colours so I think they might feature strongly and loads of wee scrappy balls that I really hope I can get a row each from.

Indecisiveness is high on my list of flaws so choosing so many colours for this is going to challenge me BUT that’s just what we need sometimes and I can always ask the kids to really mix it up!

Anyone else doing this CAL? Do comment to let me know how it’s going and oooh please show me your gorgeous pics too πŸ’•

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