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Over the last few months I’ve been thinking a lot about the name of my craft venture.  Not a deliberate, active kind of thinking, more of the niggling kind that keeps popping up, uninvited, unprovoked and indecisive in its message. Irritatingly persistent, I could no longer ignore it, so I sat down and really thought about what was going on.

I don’t like my name anymore … in a nutshell that’s it. It doesn’t seem to fit anymore and doesn’t reflect what I do or who I am.

I feel connected with all of my customers, it’s a very personal thing having someone make something especially for you.  I need to connect with my business name and have a name that connects uniquely to me.

I have another job too, different to crafting, I have a unique personal relationship with my customers, one of complete trust …

I am their Holistic Therapist, the one who they tell all their problems to. The one who makes all their aches and pains go away. The one who helps them on their journey to motherhood and through the challenges and exhaustion of being a parent. The one who sticks them back together when they are broken. The one who is always there to listen.

It’s a big part of who I am, and has been for nearly 17 years.  Being holistic in my treatment means I look at all aspects in a persons life, not just the symptoms that are currently present.  Nothing is isolated … ever.

So why are my business interests separate?  They are both me yet I chose to split them.  Why? Well they would appear to be completely different interests and are quite unrelated.  Aren’t they? and what is it that makes someone buy from us anyway?  Is it the product or is it the person?

With a degree in Business with a strong emphasis on Marketing I have to say it is the latter. It doesn’t matter what you sell, it’s the sales technique coupled with the charisma of the person that sells the product.  That and a name/logo people like and can identify with.

Mini Me Makes started when my twin boys were young, crochet is my de-stress, my way to unwind, my me-time.  I wasn’t able to offer many treatments so my Therapist side was very much in the background.  Mini Me Makes was just a Facebook page on which I could share my crochet without irritating my Facebook ‘friends’ by banging on about my latest makes all the time. It fitted well with my early makes, cute little Selfie Dolls, made for family and friends. It wasn’t for selling my makes, that wasn’t even my plan, just for sharing my creativity and gaining approval through likes and kind comments.  It grew.  Quickly, into making things for people, kids accessories, all kinds of crocheted loveliness for local fairs and the name still fitted.  I even wrote and published a few of my own patterns … and the name still worked.

I found my own style, colourful makes with a boho influence, alongside childrens hair accessories and bracelets designed by my eldest son … and the name still fitted.  I got busy in the run up to Christmas, selling very well at fairs and having to turn away orders because I had too much to make already.  Eek … STRESS …

Being so busy making took the fun out of it and while it was so lovely that people liked my things that much, this isn’t why I do it.  So it made me take a step back and think about what I wanted and I took a few months off from making.  During which time I starting this blog (and have failed at maintaining, but at least I got started huh?) to write about patterns, creations and with the intention to create many of mine and my eldest son’s magical beings from his scribbles about our fictional family fairyland Brambly Wood.  Alas … I fear he has outgrown it.  This is why I haven’t posted much about Brambly Wood of late.  But all is not lost, my twin 4 yearolds love my stories of this magical place and I think they will very soon take his place as chief creatives!

Now back to that thinking malarkey, it causes mayhem you know … it stirs things up … and right back at the beginning of the year in my ‘thinking’ phase it was there … that thought … that thought that Mini Me Makes wasn’t really fitting me.

I had rediscovered my love of crystals at the tail end of last year, through making crystal bracelets and further changes just happened … as they do, once you’ve done that thought thing and allowed that energy to flow.

I headed off down a new route with some of my creations. An Eco friendly route, I started using more recycled materials than just recycled cotton as I previously was.  Particularly with Plarn (yarn made from plastic bags, I’ve a blog post on it here) but not carrier bags, bread bags.  An item we were blindly and regularly throwing in the bin, yet is a wonderful sturdy material to crochet baskets and bags with. This has grown into something of a community effort now in my local area with my school and many parents keeping their bags for me.  So what started with keeping my own bread bags out of landfill has spread rapidly to others.  I am so happy to have achieved this.  But Mini Me Makes as a name, doesn’t really fit this more ‘grown up’ direction and this direction isn’t changing, the environment is too important and now that I’ve found a way to make a difference I have to continue.

I am about to embark on a new chapter in my life as a Mother. My youngest children start Primary School next week.  I will have time to be me for the first time in over 10 years!  Me, who is this woman hidden inside Mummy?

I am a crafter, a crochet designer and a Complementary Therapist, I care deeply about people and the world we live in.  I am uniquely me.  My style, my creations, my way is because I am all of these things, they can’t be separated.  I am a Therapist who crafts …

I am …

The Crafty Therapist


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