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New Fairy Pattern – Berry

I’m very excited to tell you my gorgeous juicy Fruit Fairy, Berry has just been sent off to my pattern testers and will be available to purchase in a couple of weeks. Isn’t she a cutie?

Berry front

Berry is the guardian of the Raspberries in Brambly Wood and is very very busy this time of year as the wild raspberry bushes that ramble all through the forest are laden with delicious fruit. Everyone in the wood loves them, even the visitors! So she takes great care to ensure there’s plenty for everyone. Thank you Berry 💕

She was delighted to visit my All Gold raspberry plants today, she had never seen yellow raspberries before, they don’t grow in the woods you see. Have you tasted yellow rasps? They’re our favourite, they’re sooo juicy and sweet.

All gold planr

Juicy yellow raspberryI’ll pop another post up with link to ravelry when she’s available … and I have another very exciting pattern coming soon too, Berry’s brother Bramble … a boy Fairy (gasp)!!!! You don’t want to miss him …


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