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Christmas Fairy Tree Topper Pattern

Does your Christmas Tree need a bit more magic this year?  Or do you fancy making a lovely gift for a friend’s tree. You’ll love this pattern for a beautiful Fairy for the top of a Christmas tree and it’s here totally free.  Of course if you would prefer it in an easy print, no faff or ads PDF version I have it available on Ravelry here to download for just £1 (plus vat, all instant downloads are vat chargeable unfortunately and Ravelry manages all this automatically).

So are you ready to make your super pretty fairy with a gorgeous glamorous skirt, to beautifully adorn your Christmas Tree?  Here we go …

Made using DK acrylic but any yarn is fine. I used a size 3 hook and she measures approx 6″ incl hair. If you use thicker yarn and a larger hook she’ll turn out a bit bigger.

Please note this post includes affiliate links to Love Crochet and Deramores who pay me a small fee if you order from clicking my link.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra but helps me offer lovely patterns like this, for free.

I love the sparkly James C Brett Twinkle it has a huge range of colours and holds great shape for skirts on this doll. The red fairy below (she sits on my own tree) is wearing this one, it’s a gorgeous Christmassy colour and is so pretty with the tree lights catching the sparkles.

I also adore Hayfield Baby Bonus Glitter, it’s really lovely and soft and so would also be great for sparkly Christmas garments.  My blonde fairy below has this lovely sparkly icy blue shade for her skirt, a lovely shade for all year round makes and has been very popular on my hair accessories and bracelets at craft fairs.

The Fairy Wings are cut from fabric. I use a Gorgeous Glitter Fabric from Creative Craft Supplies because it cuts well without fraying, is certified toy safe and doesn’t need stiffened (this is not an affiliate link I just like this product from this supplier).

You can use any kind you like, felt, glitter whatever you fancy, cardboard would work too.  A couple of links for wing ideas are included at the end or you can have a search for others, you’ll be spoiled for choice.  In my downloadable pdf version available on Ravelry, I’it ve included templates ready sized just to print and trace onto your fabric.

You will need:
Size 3 hook (I love Clover Soft Touch)
Yarn/embroidery needle (I prefer these metal ones)
Stitch marker (or scrap of yarn) to mark the beginning of the round (I use these fastening ones so they don’t fall off!)
DK Yarn in Skin, hair colour, top and skirt colours (Good colour for a white skin: Hayfield Bonus flesh)
Black embroidery cotton for lashes
Pink embroidery cotton for mouth
Sparkly Fabric for wings
Safety eyes 8 – 10 mm (optional or embroider) My fav is 9mm
Toy stuffing (very small amount for head)
Non-toxic fabric glue

Pattern uses UK crochet terminology and assumes knowledge of all stitches used.
Abbreviations used:
MR – Magic ring (adjustable ring)
FO – Fasten off
Slst – slip stitch (US sl st)
Dc – double crochet (US sc)
Htr – half treble (US hdc)
Tr – treble (US dc)
FLO – Front loop only
BLO – back loop only
Dctog – Double crochet 2 stitches in 1 (decrease) (US Trtog)

Rounds are worked continuously in a spiral unless otherwise stated at the particular point in the pattern so using a stitch marker to mark the first stitch is recommended.

PLEASE NOTE – I amended the skirt pattern 22/11/18 after making some more as orders for customers. So this is now the new version. The changes were to make it sit neater, it doesn’t look much different to the pictures here, new pictures will be added shortly.

Head in skin colour and starting at top of head.

1. MR dc x 6 ( 6)
2. 2 dc in each dc repeat to end (12)
3. 1 dc in first stitch, 2 dc in next, repeat to end (18)
4. 2 dc in first, 1 in next 2 stitches, repeat to end (24)
5. 1 dc in first 3 stitches, 2 dc in next, repeat to end (30)
6 to 9 Dc around (4 rows) (30)
10. dctog, dc in next 3, repeat to end (24)
11. Dc, dctog, dc, repeat to end (18)
Attach safety eyes now between rows 7 and 8, 5 stitches apart
12. Dc, dctog, repeat to end (12)
Stuff head firmly

13. Dc, dctog x4 sl st in last st FO skin yarn ( 8)
14. Join top colour Dc around ( 8)
15. Dc, 2 dc in next repeat to end (12)
16. Dc, 2dc in next, repeat to end (18)
17. Dc x2, 2dc in next, repeat to end (24)
18-22 Dc around 5 rows (24)
FO top colour

6 Point Star Skirt 
NOT working in a spiral now, join as indicated for each row.
Note: do Dcs into the centre of the previous rows dc and not the top of the stitch as you would normally do, this gives a neater straight line.

23. Join skirt colour and in FLO Dc around, slst to 1st st to join (24)
24. Ch 3 skip 1 st, slst in next repeat to end, slst to 1st ch to join (12 loops)
25. slst into 1st loop ch 3 (counts as 1st tr) 1tr 2ch 2tr into this loop, dc in next, *2 tr 2 ch 2 tr in next loop, dc in next*, repeat to end, sl st to top of ch3 to join. (6 4tr 2ch clusters)
26. Sl st back to last dc of previous row, dc and ch 3, in ch2 space do *2 tr 2ch 2 tr, ch 3 dc in dc ch 3 Repeat from * to end. Sl st in starting dc to join.
27. Ch 6, in ch2 space of previous row do *2 tr 2ch 2 tr, ch 5 dc in dc ch 5 Repeat from * to end. Dc in 1st ch to join.
28. Ch 7, in ch2 space of previous row do *2 tr 2ch 2 tr, ch 7 dc in dc ch 7 Repeat from * to end. Dc in dc to join.
29. Ch 9, in ch2 space of previous row do *2 tr 2ch 2 tr, ch 9 dc in dc ch 9 Repeat from * to end. Dc in dc to join.
30. Ch 11, in ch2 space of previous row do *2 tr 2ch 2 tr, ch 11 dc in dc ch 11 Repeat from * to end. Dc in dc to join.
31. Ch 13, in ch2 space of previous row do *2 tr 2ch 2 tr, ch 13 dc in dc ch 13 Repeat from * to end. Dc in dc to join.
32. *sl st in 2nd ch, dc in next 12, dc in each tr, 2 dc ch2 2 dc in ch2 space, dc in next 12 ch, skip next ch and skip dc. Repeat from * to end. Sl st into first st and FO. Weave in ends.

You  can block it if you prefer but it isn’t essential.

Here she is before hair and arms are added. (This is the new version)

There is no stuffing in the body, she should hold her shape well on the tree, however if you want to hold the body shape or the tree is a bit spindly just cut a small piece of card into a tube shape, fasten well with tape and insert into the body before popping on the tree.

Arms (make 2)
1. MR 5 dc ( 5)
2. Dc in 1st 2, 2 dc in next, 1 in next 2 ( 6)
3 – 4 dc around ( 6)
5. Dctog, dc, dctog, dc ( 4)
6 – 9 Dc around for 4 rows ( 4)
FO leaving tail on each to sew on. Sew onto body.

Embroider her lashes and mouth now by joining thread at the back of the head and loop loose ends through a few times to fasten. The hair will cover this.

There are lots of hair tutorials out there. Do have a browse for ideas to see what you like.

I like the Wig cap method where you create a wig of hair following rows 1-9 of this head pattern, sew onto the head at an angle to cover the back of the head well, then cut strands of yarn and loop them onto the wig cap. You can do long flowing or wild hair, up do’s, embroider hair on, do fringes etc.  I did gorgeous curly hair for some fairies by wrapping yarn tightly around wooden spoons, soaking for 24 hours then baking them (still on the spoons) on a baking tray for about an hour at 110c (there are a few photo tutorials out there if you need one)  It works really well and the curls stay put. I loop knotted on the curly strands. This is time consuming but so worth the effort for the end result. If you are short on time an up-do with embroidered fringe is much quicker.

Here is the curly yarn after baking and unravelling from the wooden spoons.

Copy or print wing shape onto a piece of card and cut out then draw round it onto fabric. There’s lots of lovely wing shape templates out there in googleland.

My ones as shown in the pictures are hand drawn and cut butterfly wings (from multiple shapes and ideas I played with a few years ago), while beautifully ornate they do need a craft knife and cutting board to make and are pretty fiddly.  The outline shape is quite similar to this one though: here

If you want simpler easy wings, don’t worry there are lots of simpler wing templates that are very pretty and you can cut easily with scissors, like this one (you’ll need to size accordingly for your fairy for printing though):

If you love my ornate ones I can make them for you in your preferred colour.  This is subject to having space in my orderbook, but you can always ask.  I can make you a fairy too if you don’t crochet.

Hope you enjoy making her, please help others to find this free pattern by adding to your favs and queue on Ravelry and don’t forget to add your project for it too.  I’d love to see your makes so please do tag me in your social media posts and follow me too if you want to keep up-to-date with new patterns. Use the hashtag #thecraftytherapist on Instagram.

I am on Facebook  Instagram and on Pinterest hope to see you there.  And I just joined Twitter too!

You are free to sell your finished makes please do tag me on social media posts.

Please respect my design ownership rights and do not copy or redistribute any part of this pattern nor claim it as yours. 

Thank you.  Any problems with the pattern, please do let me know. Have fun.

Love Janferie


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      1. Another really daft question. I’ve been practicing my stitches and have started the pattern. I’ve crocheted the first 5 head rows but it’s a fan shape not a circle. Should I be joining the two ends together with the last stitch of each row? Sorry…

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