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Now on twitter!

So I just set up a twitter account, it seemed like I should.  It looks like it’s quick and easy so there’s two big ticks in my busy world.

I really am awful at keeping up with social media and this blog, but I promise to suss it out. Time management is the key, I’m sure of that and I WILL get better. With my wee ones at school I’m working through crochet orders and then … yes … I will get a strategy underway … and it will be great!

I have a few cute patterns on Ravelry and even some free ones here on this blog but rarely shout out to the world about it.  I know I really need to, no-one knows if you don’t get it out there!  So I plan to share more and have lots more patterns to write up too.

Are you on Twitter?  Say hi with your username in the comments so I can follow you and other readers can too.

I am

So will being on Twitter help me spread the joy of crochet and the loveliness of Holistic Therapy to the world? Maybe …

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