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January at a glance

With the best of intentions I am still failing miserably at keeping up with blogland! But, ever the optimist, there’s always room for improvement.

Procrastination, that’s my trouble, and isn’t January a whopper of a month for it? I’m sure I’m not alone here though. Come on, confess … you know you’re doing it too! But it’s what January is all about isn’t it? Sorting through the ‘stuff’, clearing out the clutter, physical, emotional, intellectual or all three, to try to gain focus for the year …


Hmmm … that’s really a big ask in my chaotic world of mummyness, craftyness and healingness. I am so very often fleeting somewhere between all 3 with my mind racing all over the place, darting from one world to the next. But focus … yep, if you want to achieve anything, it’s pretty important.

So it’s now my word of the year! Thanks to Ekawear a fellow crochet designer friend who inspired me this week.

For a month filled with more procrastination than most, and no focus at all I’ve actually done quite a lot.

Lots of mummyness has been needed for one of my sons. He has complex needs that are now coming together like the pieces of a puzzle. It’s a relief to really be able to see him, truly it is. Maybe one day I’ll tell his story, or perhaps he will. Meantime I’ll keep learning about his world so he can be everything he can be.

I wrote a health related blog post. Bit of a biggy for me, as a natural therapist for over 17 years now I have a lot of information to share. So it was the first of many and I have 2 more in draft right now. So this is an exciting direction I really do want to focus on this year.

Creating wise, I have another fabulous recycled bread bag in progress. It’s a new, even more eco design and I’ve had a couple of hiccups with it, but it’s getting there now.

I did a spot of loom knitting and my sons love their cosy cowls that are so needed in this cold spell.

I’m delighted to have created another new design, my Granny Bandana Cowl, using a gorgeous yarn I had bought this time last year. I love it so much I will definitely be buying it again. I’ll do a blog post about it very soon I promise.

I have written up my Spiral Hat pattern too! Yaaaay, a hat to match my lovely mitts pattern (link here). I just need to make another to test the pattern and then it’ll be off to my testers.

And last but certainly not least I am heading up Scotland again, for this years Hearts for NICU mums on Mother’s Day. This is a beautiful campaign run by Bliss Bristol and Makey Mamas that has crafters all over the UK making handcrafted hearts for Mum’s with fragile little ones to hold on Mother’s Day. It’s such a wonderful way to give love to other mummies on a special day and I’m proud to be a part of it. We have lots of makers busy crocheting and knitting hearts all over the country. If you’d like to get involved. Please join my group to help Scottish units or the national group for the rest of the UK, the links are on my Facebook page.

So what’s in store for Feb? Well I’ve got to finish my recycled bag and design a promised and very late scarf for my mum (another pattern in the making). I have a number of patterns to write up and publish too and loads of ideas on health posts.

Of course I will procrastinate and be creative. I love making on a whim and I’ll never stop doing that, focus or not, it’s the fun of creativity, don’t you agree?


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