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There’s New Recycled Yarns!

My quest for finding and sharing recycled yarns with the world always continues … and yaaaay, I’ve found more …

Yeeeeeessss, I’m delighted to tell you more recycled yarns have hit the market and I’ve found a few more too that were hiding. All have been added to my Definitive (ish) list of Recycled Yarns and you’ll find a link to it in just a mo.

It’s really wonderful to see new recycled yarns on the market from another big brand. Paintbox yarns have brought out not one, but FOUR new recycled yarns! In fantastic colours too. Well done Paintbox, keep them coming, the world needs a heck of a lot more responsible and sustainable yarns at affordable prices please. They are exclusively at LoveCrafts, which is very handy as I’m an affiliate and love love love this site.

Just to let you know this post contains adverts and affiliate links, if you click or purchase anything via these links I might earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. If you’d like to help support my blog please consider purchasing supplies through my links. You may read my full disclosure here if you’d like to know more.

So we now have more choice of the super popular ribbon style yarn, I really am very impressed with these colours from Paintbox and I’m pretty sure you will be too. They blow competitors right out of the water! And if that wasn’t enough, they have also released a beautiful range of colours in Metallic Ribbon too, ultra fashionable and uber cool. I am loving this colour pictured, isn’t it beautiful?

Copyright Lovecrafts Collective Limited
Reproduced with the permission of Lovecrafts

Similar to competitors they have launched a range of T-shirt yarn in a good range of colour. I’ve not been the biggest fan of t-shirt yarn, I found it hard to work with and so many knots but it was years ago that I tried it. There’s so much more choice now and tt seems to be incredibly popular worldwide, so I think I should to give it another try.

But that’s not all, Paintbox have raised the bar with a whole new recycled product altogether. Enter a super chunky cotton polyester mix that has no direct eco friendly competition that I can find at all! That’s quite an achievement in itself, but it also offers totally fabulous colours and delivers a significantly more ecofriendly option to compete for your chunky home decor and macrame makes. Check it out, it’s Recycled Big Cotton.

Copyright Lovecrafts Collective Limited
Reproduced with the permission of Lovecrafts

Another big brand launched their recycled cotton earlier this year too, Lion Brands Re-up which is big in the US but slow to get over to the UK with disappointingly few suppliers, I do hope this improves as there’s some pretty gorgeous striped colourways that I can barely wait to get my hands on! I like it so much I’ve thought about doing a bulk order and having it shipped over! Thought about it, but It’s the carbon footprint, can I justify it? Umm… no, not at all, I’ll just have to be patient!

I spotted a few more additions in aran/worsted and dk weight yarns from Bergere de France, Premier Yarns, Knit 1 Crochet 2 and We are Knitters that either weren’t out when I first wrote the blog post or were hiding. I’ll always keep it updated as I discover new ones and am always happy to hear from you if you’ve found one I’ve missed.

I’m very excited to have discovered (and added) some flabbergastingly gorgeous and awesomely ethical recycled yarns from Yarn Yarn (UK based) and Darn Good Yarn (US based), that are breathtakingly beautiful and take ethical and sustainable to a whole new level. Well worth grabbing a cuppa and having a good nose through these sites. But be warned, you are highly likely to fall in love and spend a fortune. But it’s gonna make you feel great! **UPDATE 22/01/20** I found more suppliers for these types of yarns and have patterns coming soon! sari yarn
Copyright Yarn Yarn, reproduced with permission
Handspun silk sari yarn
Copyright Yarn Yarn, reproduced with permission

You can find all the new links along with all the other troopers flying the recycled flag in my updated post The Definitive (ish) List of Recycled Yarns. Please feel free to pin, share, and tell everyone about it, the more crafters that know about these yarns, the bigger the difference we can make.

💚 Thank you 💚

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