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Affiliate Programs

A blog doesn’t pay for itself, even if it’s free to run, there’s still the time thing. Giving your time for free is a toughy to keep going and it can be exhausting and soul destroying too, let’s be honest.

That’s why affiliate programs can be great. Even the wee bloggers can join them. And when you generate an order from a post you wrote and make your first £, it feels awesome! It is awesome.

It’s not a wealth creator, let’s just be clear on that. But for me, I like to make it easy for readers to find the product I’m talking about, but it’s also very nice to be compensated if they go ahead and buy it on your recommendation.

So because of this and the limitations of my current affiliate programs, I’ve joined a biggy. One that means I can now shout about everything crochet, healthy or eco that I want to tell you about and perhaps be rewarded for it if you want to buy it.

Don’t get me wrong that’s not the reason I write blog posts, and I absolutely promise you that I won’t be writing posts just to promote a product (I hate that!). But each and every post takes time, sometimes lots of time, so getting something for it really would be awesome.

I have been an affiliate with LoveCrafts and Deramores (thank you for your orders using my links) for a year or so and this is great if they have the yarn I’m talking about, but often they don’t and you usually need to spend over £25 to get free postage, so it pushes us yarnies to buy more than we actually need.

Oh my gosh, did I actually say that? Yikes I’ve just committed an unforgivable knotty in the eyes of Yarnism, to even suggest that one could even ever have more yarn than they need is enough to seal my fate of not getting into Yarnie Heaven!

Oh dear I’m devastated. But you know what, it bothers me more if all you need is 1 ball of yarn to do my pattern and then you go fill up your basket to spend more just to get the free delivery. I know you do it, ‘cuz I do! The more you spend, of course the more I’ll get, but I’m a girl with a conscience and clearly not a good sales person!

But we have another option now, without spelling it out, I’m not allowed to, you’ll be able to buy the 1 thing you need, perhaps even with free postage. LOVE this sooo much. Actually I love all free postage but especially when there’s no qualifying amount. So my point is you don’t need to spend more to get it and that makes me happy. Even more happy if I get the odd £ here or there in the process.

So whenever I want to mention a product that you might be able to get on any of my affiliates I’ll check out the price and give you the options and the links for them so you can make your own decision. How does that sound?

Thanks for reading lovely people.

love Jan xxx

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