10 Best Floral Crochet Patterns for Spring

I love EVERYTHING flowery in Spring. I obsess about all the pretty blossom on the trees and the buds appearing everywhere, don’t you? I want to make pretty things in lovely Spring colours. But I do get a bit overwhelmed by the amount of floral crochet patterns out there, there are so many that are gorgeous.

Being a very adept procrastinator, making decisions isn’t my strong point, so I end up with an ever growing must-make list that I barely get started on before the bright summery patterns lure me away! I have a feeling I’m not the only one, so I’ve made a small round up of 10 of the most lovely Spring Floral patterns that are full of the beauty of Spring and don’t take long to make! I hope you’ll find your perfect Spring make from these ideas.

1. Starting with the showiest of all Spring has to offer, it’s cherry blossom! Isn’t it one of the most beautiful sights in Spring? Over far too quickly, it breaks my heart to see it blow away. But it’s ok because you can make your own crochet ones to have all year round, how wonderful is that? I love this one (free) by Golden Lucy Crafts

Cherry Blossoms by Golden Lucy Crafts Floral crochet patterns round-up
Cherry Blossoms Crochet Pattern by Golden Lucy Crafts

2. In Spring we all need a blanket, but not the cosy Wintery ones, it has to be lighter weight and gorgeous! The Spring Showers Blanket (free) – by Ashley @ Edyth Blayn, is just perfect. It’s made up of 15 flower squares and 15 filler squares and all of the patterns to make it are free! It has been run this Spring (2020) as a fun CAL (crochet a-long) that I’m kicking myself for missing, but it’s ok because all the patterns are linked on the post.

Spring Flowers Blanket by Edythblayn Floral crochet patterns round-up
Spring Flowers Blanket by Edythblayn.com

3. If you are looking for a quick, super easy make, then this Easy Flower Applique (free) by Rafaella at Raffamusa Designs might be the perfect little embellishment to add a touch of spring to anything from cards to hairclips.

Easy Flower Applique by Raffamusa Designs. Floral crochet patterns round-up
Easy Flower Applique by Raffamusa Designs

4. When Spring begins to emerge do you change your wardrobe for the season? I naturally switch to lighter colours and fabrics. Do you change your accessories too? This Boho Summer Flower Crochet Bracelet Pattern (free) by Thoresby Cottage has a definite Spring vibe with it’s pastel colours and daisies, I think it makes a very pretty Spring accessory, don’t you?

Boho Summer Flower Bracelet by Thoresby Cottage - Floral crochet patterns round-up
Boho Summer Flower Bracelet by Thoresby Cottage

5. Well now here’s a darling spring accessory that really caught my eye. Check out these Spring in Bloom Earrings (paid) from my lovely crochet friend Amber Bliss Calderón, crochet earrings are her thing, she has lots of pretty designs for us.

Spring in Bloom Earrings by Amber Bliss Calderon Floral crochet patterns round-up
Spring in Bloom Earrings by Amber Bliss Calderón

6. It can still be a little chilly in many areas throughout Spring, so I always love to wrap something around my shoulders. How utterly divine is this wonderful Peach Blossom Wrap by Natalia at Natali’s Crochet.

Peach Blossom Wrap by Natali's Crochet - Floral crochet patterns round-up
Peach Blossom Wrap by Natali’s Crochet

7. I wonder, do you also change your bag for the season too? I do. I don’t know what it is about winter, perhaps the wetter weather but I choose lighter coloured more airy bags as Spring progresses. I really love this pretty little Crochet Flower Clutch Bag (free) by Thoresby Cottage Designs. It’d be the perfect accessory for any Spring party (when it’s safe to mingle again) and wouldn’t it make a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day?

Crochet Flower Clutch Bag by Thoresby Cottage Floral crochet patterns round-up
Flower Clutch Bag by Thoresby Cottage

8. This makes me think about daisies… I love that Spring brings us the daisies too, for me they are the true beginning of Spring. When I see the first ones appear on the lawn I feel so much joy. I can never have enough daisies! This sweet Daisy Granny Square (free) by Catherine at Lullaby Lodge is a must and versatile make. You can use these darling squares to make all kinds of things from blankets and cushions to bags.

Daisy Granny Square by Lullaby Lodge - Floral crochet patterns round-up
Daisy Granny Square by Lullaby Lodge

9. Can we ever have enough of daisies? Nope. I want them all year round! Just look at this stunning Shasta Daisy pattern (paid) by Happy Patty Crochet. Oh my wow! Isn’t the detail just amazing? If you love flowers you’ll love her site, soooo many beautiful flowers in crochet form.

Shasta Daisy Pattern by Happy Patty Crochet - Floral crochet patterns round-up
Shasta Daisy by Happy Patty Crochet

10. Since we’re talking daisies, I couldn’t leave out my own wee darling Daisy Flower Fairy (paid). Isn’t she just the sweetest? She’s made from my most popular fairy design, Calendula Fairy, you just switch the orange colour for white. Why not make both? They’re such easy makes, don’t need much yarn and are perfect little dolls for Spring and Summer.

Daisy Flower Fairy by The Crafty Therapist - Floral crochet patterns round-up
Daisy Flower Fairy by The Crafty Therapist

So, that’s them all, a lovely small collection that’s not too overwhelming. I hope you like them.

Floral crochet patterns round-up

Added March 2021 – If you love Spring Flowers then I think you’re going to love my Bonnie Bluebells pattern. And you might like to check out my free Spring Blossom jewelry patterns the Spring Blossom Necklace and Bracelet.

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Thank you and happy crocheting 😊

Love Jan x🌸x

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