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Spring Blossom Crochet Necklace

crochet necklace pattern pink flower

I have wanted to design a flower crochet necklace for quite some time. I’ve experimented with different yarns before but not quite found the result I was looking for. I also got hung up on fastenings, thinking I had to use a ‘proper’ jewellery fastening! But this is not so, who knew a simple button would be just perfect? The Spring Blossom Necklace is a really pretty, short style flower necklace. It is easy to make and fastens with a simple button closure. It’s perfect to make as a gift or as a quick accessory for yourself to match an outfit.

It is easy to adapt if you would like a longer style and you can use beads or choose a plainer style without. The ad-free easy print PDF includes instructions for both with and without beads along with suggested amendments for increasing the necklace size too. The beaded version is shown here free.

Flower Necklace crochet pattern

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If you’re not experienced in working with beads, don’t worry, it’s really easy. I’ve made a supporting video tutorial to show you how to knot tight against the beads and how to crochet the chains to avoid gaps after the beads. I’m new to making videos and would really love your support. Please like, comment and subscribe.

The pattern uses US crochet terminology with UK shown within () in the abbreviations.

Just to let you know this post contains adverts and affiliate links, if you click or purchase anything via these links I might earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. If you’d like to help support my blog please consider purchasing supplies through my links. You may read my full disclosure here if you’d like to know more.

Recommended Yarn

DK #3 weight cotton, bamboo or tencel

Yarn used: Hoooked Eucalyps in Rosa and Magenta.

I chose this yarn because it’s an eco-friendly sustainable yarn, made from the eucalyptus tree and it’s incredibly silky and soft. It feels beautiful against the skin which is really important if you have sensitive skin (like I do). If you want to use this yarn too, it’s a little splitty so take your time with it. It is listed as Aran weight in Ravelry and Yarnsub, Hoooked call it Sportweight, but I think it’s more like a DK (#3 weight) yarn.

You can easily substitute this for a DK non mercerised cotton or bamboo yarn instead. (mercerised is noticeably thinner and harder) or whatever weight works for your tension (gauge).

Hook & Other Materials

  • US Size E (3.5mm) and G (4mm) crochet hooks I love these ergonomic hooks, they’re very comfortable to use and great value too. If you’d like to treat yourself, why not get a set, I love that each hook size is a different colour; it helps me so much!
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch marker
  • Small Button for fastening
  • 6mm and 8mm beads with 1-2mm centre hole. The 6mm beads used in the sample pictured are Miracle Beads that are beautifully luminescent and have a 2mm hole. The 8mm are Rose Quartz that have 1.5mm hole and needed a beading needle to get the yarn through them.
  • Beading needle if needed to bring yarn through the bead hole

Sizes/Finished Measurements

Approx. 16” (47cm) unfastened end to end, not including button

Skill Level

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate

Abbreviations used:

  • St – Stitch
  • Sts – Stitches                   
  • Sl st – Slip stitch
  • Ch – Chain
  • C1 – Colour 1
  • C2 – Colour 2                   
  • Sc – single crochet (UK: Dc – Double Crochet)
  • Dc – Half Double crochet (UK: Treble)
  • FO – Fasten off


  1. If using Eucalyps yarn, double wrap the magic ring to make it more secure. It is a very silky yarn, so a standard magic ring may not hold it.
  2. The starting ch 1 of rounds does NOT count as a st.
  3. Use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each round if helpful.
  4. Check the beads you plan to use fit on your yarn, and whether you need a beading needle to thread onto the yarn.
  5. Practise knotting beads on scrap yarn as it can be a little tricky at first. See my video to show you how to do it.
  6. Read through the whole pattern before starting to ensure you understand it, have everything you need to make it, and know how to adjust the sizing should you decide you need to.
Flower Necklace crochet pattern


To match stated measurements:

Completed flower measures 1.5” (3.8cm) petal to petal, using size G (4mm) hook.

6 ch = 1” (2.5cm) with size E (3.5mm) hook.

If you would prefer to work from an ad-free larger print pattern complete with photos and both beads and no beads instruction you can get it below at very low cost from Ravelry or LoveCrafts (same price).

Buy at Ravelry

Buy at LoveCrafts

Pattern Instructions


Round 1: Using size G (4mm) hook and C1, make a Magic ring, ch 1, sc x 12, Change to C2 with sl st to top of 1st sc to join. Pull magic ring tightly closed and FO C1. (12)

Round 2: Ch 1, sc in same st as ch 1, 3 dc in next st, *sc, 3 dc, repeat from * to end, join with sl st to top of 1st sc. FO C2. (24)

Flower complete, weave in all ends.


The two sides of the necklace are made individually and joined onto the flower afterwards.

In C1, cut 2 lengths of yarn approx. 80-98” (2-2.5m), one for each side.

Start with a tail approx. 3 inches (7.5cm) long. Using size E (3.5mm) hook, make a slip knot and ch 3. Pull through the yarn as if fastening off, but do not cut yarn, make a knot tight at the top of the ch 3. See my video tutorial if you would like some help.

Thread on 6mm, 8mm and 6mm beads, using a beading needle if necessary.

Please see my new YouTube channel for a video tutorial of how to knot tight against the beads and how to make the slip knot against the knot to do the chains. It’s really easy when you know how and have a wee practise first.

Slide beads down so they are tight against the knot. Make a knot tight against the 3rd bead as follows: hold the bottom loop of the knot on the bead with your other hand, see Pic 1. Slowly nudge the knot down using your fingers on your dominant hand to tighten the knot as you gently pull the yarn to tighten at the same time, the bottom loop should not slacken off, as you have control of it while holding it against the bead.

crochet necklace pattern knotting on top of the bead
Pic 1

Make a slip knot and ch 3, and as before pull through the yarn, make a knot tight to the top of the ch 3 (see Pic 2 below). Thread on another 3 beads as before and secure with a knot.

crochet necklace pattern beads and chains
Pic 2

Button end

After you have secured the beads with the knot as above, make a slip knot and ch 28. FO and thread a button on the end, using the yarn end. Secure and weave in end.

Loop end

After you have secured the beads with the knot as above, make a slip knot and ch 26 plus 7 more for your loop. Sl st into 7th ch from hook to complete the button loop. FO and weave in this end. 

Attaching to the Flower

Turn the flower wrong side up and attach the starting end of the necklace (also wrong side up) to the 3rd loop at the back of any sc, see Pic 3.  Do the same with the other one, positioning it with 3 petals between each side so the flower sits centrally.

crochet necklace pattern - flower with needle
Pic 3 – where to attach the necklace

I would love to see your gorgeous Spring Blossom Necklace. If you use Ravelry or LoveCrafts, please add this pattern to your favourites and show it off in a project too. I’d love to share it on social media. You can tag me @thecraftytherapist, use the hashtags #thecraftytherapist and #springblossomnecklace, or tag my page on Facebook @thecraftytherapy.

Don’t forget there’s a gorgeous matching bracelet too!

crochet necklace pattern and matching bracelet

Please share the link and pin it! Why not check out my other crochet patterns too. I’d love you to have a look around.

Crochet necklace free pattern by The Crafty Therapist

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