Bread Bags Project

If you follow me or have read my social media posts you may know I reuse bread bags by turning them into “plarn” (Plastic Yarn) and crochet them into sturdy bags and baskets that will last many years. In so doing I’m preventing hundreds of single use plastic bags from going to landfill in my local community. But to do this I need your bread bags!

Purple crocheted Recycled bag made from bread bags and recycled cotton
The Karma Bag – Recycled & Recyclable

A lot goes into the preparation of plarn. I have to sort them by colour and thoroughly wash and dry all the bags before I can use them. They often need to be stored for several months before I need to use them. So If you are local to Inverness or travel here regularly and want to save bags for me, here are some guidelines:

  1. Only the coloured Bread & Bagel bags please. No clear ones. No other types of bags.
  2. Please remove the date tag
  3. Please thoroughly shake out the crumbs (this is really important – it prevents mold growth. If it’s moldy I can’t use it or recycle it!)
  4. No bags with labels on (eg reduced labels), they don’t come off so I can’t use the bag. The only exception is with commercial single colour bags, they are very much wanted and the labels come off perfectly with a blast from the hairdryer!

Not local to me? Please consider recycling your bread bags. Many can now be recycled along with carrier bags at larger supermarkets that have the carrier bag recycling points.

Unfortunately I can’t cover postage costs so I would not expect you to send them to me. But if you want to do it I am most grateful. and I know for some people posting is actually cheaper and easier than travelling to recycle them.

If you’d like to get involved please message me through social media.

Thank you

x Jan x

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