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Sleepy Mandala Crochet Pattern

Crochet and Crystals … my dream combination!

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I have THE worst sleeping children ever! Really I do, I’d do pretty much anything to get the wee horrors.. ahem.. darlings to sleep! I’ve tried many things. But only recently remembered how helpful crystals can be, having used them myself for many years.

I love the mindfulness of mandalas, the flow of the lines and the beautiful shapes you can create so I thought, well maybe my kids would too.

So I created this easy dreamcatcher style pattern that works up really fast and added sleep helping crystals so that my 3 sleep dodging kiddos could each have one above their beds.

I originally thought Amethyst, lots of gorgeous sleepy Amethyst. But my children chose what they felt most calming. I love that sooo much. Is it helping sleep though?

Yes, it actually is.

?? How ?? … Well, it was made uniquely for them with their chosen colour and calming crystal combination, that’s psychologically very powerful in itself, especially to a child. This, combined with the energy vibration of the crystals and a beautifully calming dreamy pattern, makes a sleepy powerhouse.

You can aid the sleepy feels by using as a meditation aid by running fingers over the crystals in turn, counting with breathing or just gazing as your eyes follow the relaxing pattern.

But it’s not all about the recipient, you’ll find laying out your beads pattern and sewing them on is deeply satisfying. It does take time, but it’s sooo worth doing. But of course you don’t have to. It looks lovely without any beads and no tassel if you don’t want one.

Small Red with Rose Quartz & Amethyst
Medium Blue with Rose Quartz and Chinese Amazonite
Small Blue with Amethyst and Clear quartz

Raring to go?

Get the PDF

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Pattern is written in both US and UK crochet terminology and includes 2 sizes: small and medium.


  • Yarn: Approx. 25g thin worsted weight or DK cotton. Being an eco bunny I used Paintbox Recycled Cotton which is more like DK in thickness. I love it’s eco friendliness and rustic look. I also highly recommend Hoooked Soft Cotton, it has a better choice of colours and I’ve been very impressed with it although it is a little splitty (see my free Sun, Cloud and Rainbow patterns).
  • US Size G (4mm) or E (3.5mm) crochet hook. I used G (4mm) but some of my testers used a size E (3.5mm) to meet gauge. I love Clover Soft Touch and Clover Amour
  • Sewing Thread to match the yarn or bead colour or use clear thread. I found recycled sewing thread at Love Crafts, but it’s on Etsy too! Easy to get hold of.
  • Embroidery/Yarn needle
  • Beading needle small enough for your bead hole
  • Stitch marker

  • Metal or wood ring approx. size 81/2” (22cm) diameter for SMALL or 10” (25cm) for MEDIUM. There’s a bit of flexibility here given you need to stretch your mandala to fit, you can skip or add a round to adapt size to fit your ring. So you can use a different sized ring. There’s lots of choice on Amazon and Ebay of course too. In the UK I’ve found white to be the cheapest and in a wide range of different sizes, you may need to wrap it to match your yarn though.

If you want gold silver or wood and want to make a few then bulk packs offer better value:

  • Approx. 20-30 Crystal chip beads (use as many as you like, they usually come in quantity of 100-200) I use this excellent UK supplier.
  • Large hole beads – 2 each of 12mm and 15 mm Crystal or Wooden. Large hole beads (3mm-5mm hole) are often called European or Pony but crystal ones can be tricky to find. My UK supplier is Burhouse Beads. US & Canada seem to have more choice. Check out Etsy. Do double check that the hole is big enough, some say large hole but it’s not really, and not big enough for yarn! Wooden beads are easier to find with lots of choice on Etsy, Amazon etc
  • A few small pieces of double sided tape (if wrapping your hoop).

Skill Level

Advanced beginner. Knowledge of the common stitches of ch, sc (UK dc) and hdc (UK htr) and magic circle technique.

Basic Sewing Skills.

Sizes/Finished Measurements

Small approx. 6.5” (16.5cm) before attaching to hoop, 8.5” (22cm) attached.

Medium approx. 8” (20.5cm) before attaching to hoop, 10” (25cm) attached.

Go get the Pattern

Check out my testers stunning mandalas …

Gorgeous Sleepy Mandalas by my pattern Testers

I love all their colours and creativity. They’ve checked and tested the pattern and helped me make it a great pattern for you, that’s easy to follow and free of errors. I’m so grateful for their help.

I’d love to see your Sleepy Mandalas, remember to use the tag #sleepymandala and tag @thecraftytherapist in your photo and post, I’d love to share you in my stories.

Here’s the pattern link one last time before you go, incase you want to add it to your favs:

Add the Sleepy Mandala Pattern to your Ravelry favs

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