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Crochet Necklace Crystal Keeper

Do you love crystals or have a crystal loving friend? You’re gonna love this easy, quick and FREE crochet necklace pattern.

Crochet Crystal Keeper Necklace Pattern by The Crafty Therapist

It’s the perfect way to wear or carry your favourite crystal tumblestone. This sweet little cotton crystal holder crochet necklace will gently hold your stone (up to medium sized), without any risk of scratching and securely in place. It’s easy to change crystals whenever you feel drawn to another one. Just slide the bead up, open the bag, swap the crystal and close again!

Crochet crystal keeper crochet pattern by Janferie MacKintosh The Crafty Therapist

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The pattern for the crystal keeper with adult sized necklace is free right here in this post. There is also a low cost, ad-free easy print pdf available to download on Ravelry which also includes a kids size and a sweet keychain version that make perfect gifts.

Download the PDF

All have been tested by my wonderful team of testers so you shouldn’t have any problems, but, as always, if you do, please just get in touch so I can help you.

Pattern is written in US crochet terminology with UK in brackets in the abbreviations.  

Recommended Yarn

DK Cotton. Use up scraps as it doesn’t use much at all.

Hook & Other Materials

  • US Size D (3mm) crochet hook, my big fav for this size is Clover Soft grip and Amour
  • Yarn needle suitable for thickness of the yarn
  • Stitch marker (I love locking ones)
  • 1 large hole wooden or pony style plastic bead

Skill Level


Sizes/Finished Measurements

Approx. 1¼” (3.5cm) wide x 1¾” (4.5cm) length in DK cotton.

Finished necklace length approx.14 ¼” (36cm).

Abbreviations used:

St – Stitch

Sts – Stitches

Sl st – Slip stitch

Ch – Chain

Sk – Skip

Hdc – double crochet (UK Htr)      

Dc – Double crochet (UK Tr)

Trc – treble crochet (UK Dtr)

FO – Fasten off


  1. Chains at the start of round DO count as a stitch.
  2. Use a stitch marker to mark the first stitch if helpful.
  3. Always check your stitch count to ensure you don’t miss or add any stitches.
  4. Stitch count is shown at the end of each round in bold.


1st round measures approx. ¾” (1.9cm) measured across the centre of the circle.

If you don’t match and you want the same size please adjust your hook size and redo.

Crochet Crystal Keeper crochet pattern by Janferie MacKintosh The Crafty Therapist



Round 1: Make a magic ring, ch 3, *hdc ch 1, repeat from * 6 times, join with sl st to 2nd ch. Pull circle closed. (8 hdc, 8 ch)

Round 2: Sl st into 1st ch space, ch 5, *trc ch 1 in next ch 1 space, repeat from * to end. Join with sl st to 4th ch. (8 trc, 8 ch)

Round 3: Repeat round 2.

Round 4: Sl st into 1st ch space, ch 4, *dc ch in next ch 1 space, repeat from * to end. Join with sl st to 3rd ch. (8 dc, 8 ch)

FO and weave in ends.

The Tie/necklace:

Chain 150. Hold ends together to check this will comfortably go over the wearers head.  FO. If using thinner yarn you’ll need to chain more.

Thread through round 4 of the crystal keeper bag and thread both ends through a large hole bead. Weave in ends or knot close to the chain and cut end to neaten. Tie ends together in a knot. It should easily slip over the head. For safety around kids, you may want to add a knot about 1½ cm above the bead so it can’t be moved up to the throat. Warning: Children should not be left unsupervised with it.

Crochet Crystal Keeper pattern by Janferie MacKintosh at The Crafty Therapist

Pop in your fav crystal, to close, pull the end and bead through the loop end and tighten sliding the bead down to hold it shut, sitting centrally on top. To change the crystal slide the bead up and loosen the tie to open it.

Crochet Crystal Keeper pattern by Janferie MacKintosh at The Crafty Therapist

Easy peasy right? You’ll be making loads of these for pressies. I think these will do very well if you sell your makes, they’re so quick to make too. A wee mention of design credit would be lovely on social media posts and I’d love to share your posts in my stories. Just use the tag #crochetcrystalkeeper #thecraftytherapist and tag me @thecraftytherapist

If you’ve liked this pattern please share, Pin, give love on Ravelry, it really helps others find it, and just before you go… check out my patterns too.

Crochet Crystal Keeper free pattern by Janferie MacKintosh at The Crafty Therapist

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