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Jingle Bells Mug Cozy Free Crochet Pattern

It’s chilly outside and warm drinks are a must. Crank up the festive feels with a Christmas mug cozy complete with jingle bells. It works up quickly and makes a fun festive gift.

I love the traditional combination of red, green and gold for Christmas and just adore jingly bells. They’re so Christmassy and remind me of the excitement I felt every Christmas during my childhood. I always listened out for Santa’s sleigh bells and I heard them too!

My Dad loved to add to the magic and would go outside and gently shake bells! Fast as lightening my sisters and I would be in our beds! Happy memories that we cherish all the more now our Father is sadly no longer with us.

The pattern uses US crochet terminology with UK shown within () in the abbreviations.

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This cute festive mug cozy is made using extended single crochet stitch, It can be made with or without jingly bells, the free pattern published here, includes instructions for both. An ad-free easy print PDF is available at low cost if you would prefer.

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NOTE ON SELLING ITEMS AND COPYRIGHT: The pattern and all images are Copyright Janferie MacKintosh, all rights reserved. Please do not copy any part of this pattern or use photos without permission. You may sell finished items (handmade in small quantities by you), design credit is appreciated.

Crochet mug cozy in red and green with gold bells. Free pattern by The Crafty Therapist

Recommended Yarn

Hoooked Soft Cotton, DK weight #3 yarn 100% recycled (80% cotton 20% other fibers; 91 yds/83 m per 1.8 oz/50g skein) • Seattle Jade (Green) (A) approx. 31.2 yds/28.5 m • Naples Red (B) approx. 11 yds/10 m

Note this yarn is thick for #3 weight cotton. It is European sport weight which sits between a 3 and 4 weight.

Yarn Substitutes with stated similar stitch tension: Paintbox Aran Cotton, Lily Sugar n Cream, Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/8

Alternatively use any #3 DK or #4 worsted weight cotton to match gauge.

Hooks & Other Materials

  • US Size G (4mm)
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch marker
  • 1 x Button approx. 0.78”/2cm
  • Optional – 7x jingly bells sew on size 8-10mm/0.3-0.4”

Skill Level


Sizes/Finished Measurements

Approx. 10”/18cm wide (not including fastening loop) x 2.75”/7cm height to fit mug with circumference of approx. 10.5”/26.6cm x 3.75”/9.5cm height


St – Stitch

Sts – Stitches

Slst – Slip stitch

Ch – Chain

FLO – Front Loop Only   

Fsc – Foundation single crochet  (UK: Fdc – Foundation double crochet)           

Esc – Extended single crochet (UK: Edc – Extended double crochet)

Sc – Single crochet (UK: Dc – Double crochet        

Hdc – Half double crochet   (UK: Htr – Half treble)

Dc – Double Crochet (UK: Tr – Treble)


  1. Measure your mug. The cozy is designed to fit a straight sided coffee mug with circumference approx. 10.5”/26.6cm x 3.75”/9.5cm tall. If using larger mug, increase number of chs in fastening loop to fit. It won’t fit a smaller mug, but you could possibly use a thinner yarn and smaller hook.
  2. There is no ch-1 at the beginning of rows (no turning ch).
  3. Use stitch marker to mark 1st stitch in row.
  4. Stitch count is shown at the end of each row in bold.
  5. Check stitch count at the end of each row.


Please check your gauge to match the measurements.

4 esc and 3 rows = 1”/2.5cm

To check gauge, measure 1st 4 rows of cozy. Adjust hook as needed to obtain gauge.

Special Stitches

Fsc (Foundation single crochet) = Make a slip knot and ch 2, insert hook in both loops of 2nd ch from hook, yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through 1 loop (ch made), yo, pull through 2 loops (sc made), *insert hook in ch of previous st, yo, pull up loop, yo, pull through 1 loop (ch made), yo, pull through 2 loops (sc made); repeat from * until required number of fsc have been made.

Esc (Extended single crochet) An elongated sc made just like fsc but instead of working st into ch of previous st, insert into the top loops as if making sc = Insert hook into st, yo, pull up a loop, yo, pull through 1 loop, yo, pull through 2 loops (esc made),

FLO (Front Loop Only) = Stitch is worked only into the front loop (the loop closest to you of the 2 loops of a stitch) see photo below: stitch marker is in the front loop.

Close up of FLO crochet stitch in red and green yarn. Mug cozy



Row 1: With A, and 10”/25.4cm starting tail, fsc 10, turn – 10 fsc

Row 2: Esc in each across, turn. – 10 esc

Rows 3-32: Repeat row 2.

Row 33: Slst in 5, ch 10, slst to join in next st, slst in 4. – 10 slst, 10 ch
Button loop complete. Check button fits loop and cozy will fit on mug, before cutting yarn and fastening off, if necessary increase/decrease number of chs to fit

Cut and fasten off Yarn A. Turn work over, so fastening loop is on left.


If using bells, thread 7 bells onto Yarn B now.

Join Yarn B in row edge of row 1 of cozy (see photo below).

Row 1: *Sc in 2, 2sc, repeat from * to last 2 sts, sc in 2, turn. – 42 sc

Row 2: FLO esc in 20, 2 FLO esc in next, FLO esc to end, turn. – 43 esc

Photos below show bell attachment for Row 3. After completing 1st dc, slide bell close to dc leaving small gap on yarn, complete 2nd dc in same st. (Apologies for the quality of the 2nd photo)

Close up crochet making stitch with bell

Row 3: *Slst, sc, hdc, (dc, add bell, dc), hdc, sc, repeat from * to last st, slst. – 8 slst, 14 sc, 14 hdc, 14 dc 

Red and green Crochet with gold bells. Mug Cozy crochet pattern by The Crafty Therapist

Alternative Row 3 NO BELLS: *Slst, sc, hdc, (dc, ch, dc), hdc, sc, repeat from * to last st, slst. – 8 slst, 14 dc, 14 hdc, 14 dc

Fasten off Yarn B and weave in ends.


Turn over so right side is facing (fastening loop should be on the right. Using Yarn A starting tail, thread onto needle, weave it up through the cozy (on wrong side) to sew button centrally (on right side) approx. 1.5cm/0.59” from left edge. Weave in end. Fold Edge over towards you.

Red and green Crochet with jingly bells. Cup Cozy crochet pattern by The Crafty Therapist

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Thanks so much, love Janferie xx

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  1. Thank you so much for the code!! I’ve just downloaded the pattern and will be making some for Christmas next week.. 🎅🏻🎄 Have an amazing Christmas… Thank you ❤️

  2. Thanks so much for the cute cozy pattern. My granddaughter is on her way to visit and I’m going to try to make one for her. Happy Holidays & New Yesr.

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