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Spring Blossom Crochet Bracelet

Spring Blossom crochet bracelet in pink

Do you ever see pretty crocheted bracelets and think ‘I’d love to make it but…’ it’s too difficult… made with thread… a tiny hook… or uses fastenings or tools that you don’t have? If you’ve ever thought any of these things, love making bracelets or want to make your first crochet bracelet, then I think you are going to love the Spring Blossom Bracelet! It’s a really pretty, easy crochet bracelet made with beads between the flowers. Honestly, it’s sooo easy to make you’ll want to make loads of them and the best bit is, it fastens with a simple button closure.

Spring Blossom Crochet Bracelet

It’s perfect to make as a last-minute gift or to keep for yourself! It can be adapted for your wrist size but, for your convenience, the PDF pattern includes 3 sizes: small, medium and large.

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The pattern uses US crochet terminology with UK shown within () in the abbreviations.

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Recommended Yarn

DK #3 weight cotton, bamboo or tencel

Yarn used: Hoooked Eucalyps in Rosa and Magenta.

I chose this yarn because it’s an eco-friendly sustainable yarn, made from the eucalyptus tree and it’s incredibly silky and soft. It feels beautiful against the skin I can barely feel the bracelet there! If you want to use this yarn too, it’s a little splitty so take your time with it. It is listed as Aran weight in Ravelry and Yarnsub, Hoooked call it Sportweight, but I think it’s more like DK.

You can easily substitute this for a DK cotton or bamboo yarn instead or whatever weight works for your tension (gauge).

Made in the same yarn, there is a matching necklace pattern too, the Spring Blossom Necklace.

crochet necklace pattern and matching crochet bracelet pattern

Hook & Other Materials

  • US Size E (3.5mm) crochet hook I love these ergonomic hooks, they’re very comfortable to use and great value too. If you’d like to treat yourself, why not get a set, I love that each hook size is a different colour; it helps me so much!
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch marker
  • Small Button for fastening
  • 6mm and 8mm beads with 1-2mm centre hole. The 6mm beads used in the sample pictured are Miracle Beads that are beautifully luminescent and have a 2mm hole. The 8mm are Rose Quartz that have 1.5mm hole and needed a beading needle to get the yarn through them.
  • Beading needle if needed to bring yarn through the bead hole

Sizes/Finished Measurements

(unfastened end to end, not including button)

  • Small Approx. 17cm (fit wrist size approx. 15-16cm) PATTERN INCLUDED HERE FREE
  • Medium Approx. 19.5cm (fit wrist size approx. 17-18cm) PATTERN IN PDF ONLY
  • Large Approx. 22cm (fit wrist size approx. 19-20) PATTERN IN PDF ONLY

Skill Level

Advanced beginner/Intermediate

Abbreviations used:

  • St – Stitch
  • Sts – Stitches                   
  • Sl st – Slip stitch                                                       
  • Ch – Chain
  • C1 – Colour 1                                                           
  • C2 – Colour 2                   
  • Sc – single crochet (UK: Dc – Double Crochet)
  • Hdc – Half Double crochet (UK: Htr – Half Treble)
  • FO – Fasten off
Spring Blossom Crochet Bracelet


  1. If using Eucalyps yarn, double wrap the magic ring to make it more secure.  It’s a very silky yarn, so a standard magic ring may not hold it.
  2. Starting ch 1 of rounds does NOT count as a st.
  3. Use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each round if helpful.
  4. Check that the beads you plan to use fit on your yarn and whether you need a beading needle to thread onto the yarn.
  5. Bead size will affect the measurements: 3 beads measure 20mm. To meet the same measurements, use the same size beads and check your gauge.
  6. Read through the whole pattern before you start to ensure you understand it, have everything you need to make it, and know the size you are making.


To match stated measurements:

Completed flower measures 1” (2.5cm) petal to petal.

6 ch = 1”

To simply check it, do a swatch of ch 6 and measure.

Instructions (all sizes)

Flower (Make 4)

Before you start, decide which colour works best with your beads as this will be the colour you should leave a long tail for sewing/attaching the beads. It is usually the lighter colour, but it is your choice.

Round 1: Using C1, make a Magic ring, ch 1, sc x 6, sl st to top of 1st sc to join, pull magic ring tightly closed and FO C1 but leave a 4” (10cm) tail. (6)

Round 2: Join C2 in any st and do all the following stitches in the stitch you joined the yarn, *(sc, hdc, sc, sl st), repeat from * in each stitch around. Join with sl st to top of 1st sc. FO C2. (24)

Flower is complete, weave in ends but not the finishing tail of round 1.  You can make flowers all the same or you can switch the colours around.  If you do this, ensure to leave the 4” tail at the end of round 2 instead.


Join the 4 flowers together with beads in between them using the ends of C1, as follows:

Thread the 4” end into a few stitches to secure. Now thread along until it is in between the next 2 petals. Thread 3 beads on to the yarn end and now attach this yarn to the next flower in between 2 petals. They should be snug to the flowers but not so tight to distort the flower petals they touch. Secure and thread in the end once you are happy with the position of the beads.

Continue until you have all four flowers attached, with beads in between them.

Now measure. The 4 flowers with the beads stated measure 5 ¾“ (14.5 cm). If you meet gauge and use the same size of beads, yours should be approximately this length too.

The fastening on both sides adds the length you need for your perfect fit. Size small is given here FREE but if you would like all three sizes: small, medium and large, along with photo instructions, you can purchase the low-cost ad-free PDF below:

With right side up, join C1 to the back loop of the flower on the end (doesn’t matter which end), in between the petals opposite the last set of beads. 

Small: Chain 8, join with sl st to 7th ch from hook. FO. This makes a button loop. Check your button fits and adjust to fit it if not (join to a different st).

Attach yarn the same way to the flower at the other end. Ch 2. FO leaving thread to sew on the button. Sew on the button using this thread.

I hope you have enjoyed the pattern and found it easy. If you any problems at all, please get in touch.

I would love to see your gorgeous Spring Blossom Bracelet. If you use Ravelry or LoveCrafts, please add this pattern to your favourites and show it off in a project too. I’d love to share it on social media. You can tag me @thecraftytherapist, use the hashtags #thecraftytherapist and #springblossombracelet, or tag my page on Facebook @thecraftytherapy.

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