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Why Roses are the Queen of Flowers

Roses are considered the Queen of Flowers and there are so many reasons why they are worthy of such a majestic title.

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For thousands of years we have adored this flower as a symbol of love, beauty and affection.

Throughout history it has been revered in beauty and perfume products, but also in food, rituals and in medicines too.

I wanted to write a blog post about it this month, as June is filled with Roses bursting into bloom. I totally adore the natural fragrance and have used Rose (and similar Geranium) in my home and therapy room for many years. And it’s not just because of its wonderful smell as you will see if you read on.

Rose is also the Birth Flower for June. What a beautiful flower to have for your birthday, June birthday peeps, you are blessed indeed🌹

It’ll be no surprise that I’ve been crocheting roses too, they make such heartfelt gifts for teachers. For crocheting readers I will have my own rose crochet pattern to share sometime but for now let’s look at what this adored flower has to offer.

Crochet roses

Aside from it’s unquestionable beauty and outstanding perfume, roses have a lot to offer both as a culinary delight and medicinal powerhouse.

I’ve recently had the honour of tasting a beautiful rose bud tea and syrup by Yandra Tea Company which I can highly recommend. I had never tasted rose tea before and I am now completely in love with it. Calming, soothing, with a delicate uplifting flavour and fragrance , it instantly lifts a low mood and chases away anxiety. It’s now my go to tea when I am stressed or anxious. Why not pop over to their site if you fancy giving it a try (not an affiliate link, I just like this tea).

roses in tea rose tea

I highly recommend Rose syrup too, I’ve loved to experiment with it in cakes and with fruits but I especially love it on it’s own with sparkling water. It goes beautifully with Rosé wine and sparkling water as a very summery mood lifting spritzer. Perfect for a sunny day.

So I mentioned stress and anxiety and you might be surprised to hear that rose tea can help these conditions, it’s just a tea. But teas have been used as highly effective medicine for millenia. We are missing out on some seriously good medicinal plant power if we don’t consider and use teas as an easily accessible and very affordable remedy.

Rose isn’t just a great mood lifter, it packs a medicinal punch in many other areas too. It’s thought to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, a diuretic and astringent along with being a nerve tonic to help with migraine and headaches. It is also a digestive aid, aphrodisiac and sedative too. And, as if we need any more reasons to love the rose, it’s a really great friend for women, helping to regulate the menstrual cycle and alleviate cyclical hormonal imbalances such as cramp, mood swings and even menopausal symptoms too.

I’m sure you’ll agree it’s definitely worth introducing some rose in your life. Perhaps you could try some rose petal tea, or get some Rose essential oil and pop some in a burner, in some carrier oil and massage around your neck and shoulders to relief stress, add it to your shampoo and moisuriser for beautiful skin and healthy hair and start using this majestic gift from the heavens. It already has a place in everyone’s heart but it certainly deserves a place in every home too.

If you’d like to read a bit more about the properties of Roses and ways to use them in daily life, here are some good, non spammy, non affiliate links I found with helpful information:

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Food Recipes : (drooling!) (so many in this one!)

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