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Banana Yarn Review

Banana yarn ... a bit bonkers, deliciously soft and silky, ethically produced and as envionmentally friendly as it gets. It doesn't get any more 'feel good' than this!

Craft, Crochet, Eco craft, Eco friendly, Green crafts, Recycling, Sustainability, Zero Waste

Ecofriendly Yarn Reviews

I realise I'm using some wacky and new yarns that some of you will have never heard of at the moment. Soooo, I thought I'd share my honest experiences of them so you know exactly what to expect should you wish to go ecofriendly with your yarns too and try them out. I should say… Continue reading Ecofriendly Yarn Reviews

Craft, Crochet, Eco craft, Eco friendly, Green crafts, Natural Living, Recycling, Sustainability, Zero Waste

Bananas for Banana Yarn

Completely and utterly, it's driven me crazy, I've had ALL the emotions with this yarn! Spoiler alert, this post ends well, banana yarn is my new love! I originally wrote this with the title Banana Disaster! My first experience (note I say first) wasn't a good one you see, it went wrong... horribly wrong... it… Continue reading Bananas for Banana Yarn