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Easy Boho Skinny Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

Boho skinny scarf crochet pattern made in banana yarn (blue and green colours). Free crochet pattern by The Crafty Therapist

Do you love Boho styling? The Bohemian Spirit is carefree yet deeply rooted in nature. So it naturally pairs perfectly with eco-friendliness. This boho skinny scarf is an easy scarf pattern brimming with Boho style, made in ultra eco-friendly banana yarn for rustic texture with the softness of silk. 

It works up super quick in this unique chunky slubby yarn that’s got Ethical credentials like no other.

With or without beads this skinny scarf create a unique boho look that will turn heads and as soon as you say Banana yarn, you’ll have them wowed!

If you’ve never used or heard of Banana yarn before please read all about it and where comes from in my review to read all about it.

I’d love it if you could add this pattern to your Ravelry favs and help others find it by sharing on social media, pinning etc. It’s especially important for such a sustainable make, with your help we can truly make a difference. This is why this is a free pattern, I do believe Crochet Designers should be paid for their patterns but using banana yarn (and recycled silk sari yarn) makes a direct difference to poverty and the environment so I’m offering it free so it is accessible to everyone.

If you’re interested in sustainable eco-friendly crochet, I’d love you to subscribe!

The pattern is written in US crochet terminology with UK shown in brackets in the list of abbreviations.

An easy print ad-free PDF is available to purchase at low cost (Includes 2 PDFs – US and UK terms).

Just to let you know this post contains adverts and affiliate links, if you click or purchase anything via these links I might earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. If you’d like to help support my blog please consider purchasing supplies through my links. You may read my full disclosure here if you’d like to know more.

Boho Skinny scarf free crochet for banana yarn recycled yarn. Pattern by The Crafty Therapist

Add to Your Ravelry Favs

Skill Level


Recommended Yarn

Banana Yarn, bulky weight #5 yarn (100% banana fiber; approx. 40-50 yds/37-46 m per 3.5 oz/100g skein) It is advisable to hand wash the yarn before use, as dye may run.

  • 2 skeins – 1 of each color in your choice.

I used this beautiful blue and green by Vintage and You (direct from India, delivery takes 3-4 weeks):

You’ll find lots of fabulous suppliers worldwide on Etsy here, be sure to check location so you don’t have crazy high delivery costs or very long wait times if you’re in a hurry!

Alternatively use recycled spun sari silk for a slightly fuzzier texture with lighter drape and less stretch.

Or you could use any yarn double or triple strands to meet gauge but note that it will give a different overall appearance.

Hook & Other Materials

Sizes/Finished Measurements

Approx. 2” wide by 50” long (lightly stretched out)

NB. It will stretch several inches once worn due to the heavy drape of banana yarn.


St – Stitch

Ch – Chain             

RS – Right side

MC – Main Color                                  

CC – Contrast Color

Fdc – Foundation Double Crochet (UK Ftr – Foundation treble)               

Sc – Single crochet (UK Dc – Double crochet)          

Special Stitches

Fdc (foundation double crochet) = Ch 4 (beginning ch-3 counts as 1st dc), yo, insert hook in 4th ch from hook, yo, pull up loop (3 loops on hook), yo, pull through 1 loop (ch made), [yo, pull through 2 loops] twice (dc made), *yo, insert hook in ch of previous st, yo, pull up loop (3 loops on hook), yo, pull through 1 loop (ch made), [yo, pull through 2 loops] twice (dc made). Repeat from * until the required number of fdc have been made.


  1. The scarf is worked in one piece, uses 2 colors with color join at the start of a row.
  2. The starting ch 4 of the foundation row counts as a stitch.
  3. The ch 1 on subsequent rows does NOT count as a stitch.
  4. Practice unfamiliar stitches first on an easy to work with yarn e.g., cotton or acrylic. Banana yarn may get fluffier if you pull it back.
  5. Work with a loose tension, tighten up on very thick bits of yarn and loosen off more with the very thin bits to keep the stitch size even throughout.
  6. Begin and finish with a 6 -10” tail of yarn for all colors used if adding a fringe. 
  7. Check stitch count at the end of each row. 
  8. Finished scarf will stretch with wear. Try it on before fastening off MC on row 1. The number of stitches in row 1 determines the length before stretching. To adjust this length, increase or reduce the number of fdcs.


7 dc and 6 rows = 4” (10cm)

Adjust hook size if necessary to obtain gauge.

Please share this page and/or pin it for later so you can find it again. It really helps others find it. Thank you x

Boho skinny scarf crochet pattern made in banana yarn (blue and green colours). Free crochet pattern by The Crafty Therapist


Row 1: With MC, ch 4, work 1 fdc into 1st ch (4th ch from hook), make 2nd fdc into ch of 1st fdc, repeat until there are 74 plus starting ch 4 (counts as 1st fdc). Fasten off leaving a tail if doing a fringe. (75)

Check you’re happy with this length. Add/reduce the number of fdcs to get your perfect length.

Row 2 (RS): Join CC to top of 1st fdc (the starting ch 4), ch 1, sc around. Fasten off leaving tail as before. (75)

Row 3 (RS): Rotate to work in the bottom edge of row 1. Join CC to 1st st (base of last fdc of row 1), ch 1, sc around.  Fasten off leaving tail as before. (75)


Option 1 – Fringe

Add extra strands of yarn on each end of the scarf, as follows: in both colors cut 1 length of yarn twice as long as the end tails, plus 1” extra. Ensure MC tail ends are sitting centrally on both ends of scarf, if not, thread through edge of row 1 to move it.

Thread CC length onto yarn needle and attach to scarf with each strand end sitting either side of MC tail. Knot both ends tight to the scarf to secure. 

Thread on MC length between the CC tail at the edge and the CC strand just added, thread the other strand end along through row 1 and out between the other CC strand end and the tail end on the edge. Repeat at the other end of the scarf so both are the same. Trim to even up or add beads then trim.

Option 2 – Fringe with beads

Add strands as described for option 1, plus large hole beads, just thread them on and knot them in place. Trim to finish if needed.

Option 3 – No fringe

Weave in ends.

I hope you love the pattern and your beautiful, unique, earth-friendly scarf. Show the world and shout loud about this earth friendly make. Together we can really make a difference.

If you have any questions at all about the pattern or using banana yarn, please just get in touch with me, I’d love to help.

If you use Ravelry, please add to your favs and link a project to the pattern to show off your gorgeous eco-friendly and ethically awesome scarf. It’s so lovely to see everyone’s projects.  Thank you, love Janferie xx

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The pattern and all images belong to Janferie MacKintosh, please do not copy or redistribute any part of this pattern or website. Do not alter it and then claim it as your own pattern. YES, you may sell your finished items (handmade by you only). Credit to me as the designer is appreciated, tag my Facebook or Instagram page or website with any online posts. Please always use your own photos so you show your own work.  Thank you xx

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