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Teeny Tiniest wee hearts

6 colourful crochet hearts ranging from big to small size. Free crochet heart pattern

January… a month where we crocheters often look at our mountain of wips and try to get some finished. With several projects currently on the go, true obsessive starter that I am, I’m bouncing between finishing things off, starting exciting new makes and writing patterns up from my scribbles. All the while I’m aware of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day (UK) fast approaching too, so crochet hearts come to mind. A lovely free crochet heart pattern is certainly a must.

If you’re anything like me, who bores very easily, then you’ll love a quick make when your a bit ‘wip- overwhelmed’. There’s nothing quite like a quick make to keep the ol’ makey-monster happy!

How do you fancy a super easy, super quick … and super FREE make that in just minutes you’ll have that gorgeous glow of satisfication (ok I made that word up, but you know it means to be pretty darn pleased with yourself) and let’s face it, we all really need that sometimes.

You do? Great, go grab your 2.5 mm hook and DK or 4ply (fingering) yarn … We are making teeny tiny wee hearts …

Tiny red crochet heart with 5 pence piece. Free crochet heart pattern

Don’t worry if you don’t have these, you can make this heart any size you like and I have some links further down if you need new supplies. But this is a really great pattern to use up small scraps. 

Just to let you know this post contains adverts and affiliate links, if you click or purchase anything via these links I might earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. If you’d like to help support my blog please consider purchasing supplies through my links. You may read my full disclosure here if you’d like to know more.

Using DK cotton and a 2.5mm hook my wee red heart above measures approx. 1.8cm, pretty similar to a 5p coin. I love this size. It’s perfect for sweet dainty things, like bracelets or earrings without needing to work with thread, tiny hooks and a magnifying glass! I’m not blessed with good eyesight, but I attempted earrings once with thread and a 1.5mm hook and had such a headache from eyestrain that I’ve steered clear since! So if you’re the same then DK or 4ply (fingering) with 2.5mm is perfect with this heart pattern.

Here’s the 4ply one I did. Just a tiny bit smaller.

Tiny crochet heart. Free crochet heart pattern by The Crafty Therapist

If you want hearts a bit bigger you can use a 3mm or 3.5mm and bigger still go up to Aran weight cotton and a 4mm or 5mm hook or go big with super chunky and a 9mm or 10mm hook. If you want it smaller go down to a thinner cotton yarn or thread with smaller hooks, for a microscopic size (and hopefully not a headache!). The pic below will give you some idea of size for different yarn thicknesses and hook sizes. I love the biggest super chunky one. It’s made in the fab Recycled Big Cotton by Paintbox yarns and it’d be gorgeous on a keyring and as a bag or basket charm. I’ve worked all of these below in different cotton or cotton/polyester blend thicknesses. Acrylic and wool yarns would give slightly different results but would work up lovely too.

Six crochet hearts in various sizes. Free crochet heart pattern
Same pattern different yarn and hook sizes


Small amount of DK cotton or 4ply I used Patons DK for the red one pictured with the coin and Drops Love you 9 Recycled Cotton for the purple, both are great to work with. The patons is a lovely tightly spun mercerised cotton, so is great for crochet especially with small hooks. I do try to only use recycled and eco friendly yarns (post updated May 2019). If you’d like to try recycled yarn I have a post with a huge range of yarns, you’ll want to read “The Definitive (ish) list of Recycled Yarn“.

2.5mm crochet hook I recommend the awesome Clover Soft Touch or Knit Pro, I use both of these brands, but I do love Clover the most for the smaller hook work. Unfortunately not many shops seem to be stocking it lately (updated 2022).

Darning needle for weaving in the ends. I have several sizes and use them all depending on the yarn and make. This set is great.

Scissors, decent sewing scissors are a must to avoid tearing yarn. Treat yourself to some lovely new ones if it’s time, check out these they’re gorgeous!

If you need any of these or any other yarn and crafty supplies why not make the most of postage savings and stock up now.

Abbreviations used:

UK terminology used throughout.

St – Stitch

Sl St – Slip Stitch

Dc –  Double crochet (US Sc – Single crochet)

Htr – Half treble (US hdc – half double crochet)

Tr – Treble (US Dc – Double crochet)

FO – Fasten off


It’s just 1 round… could it BE any easier? (I’m watching ‘Friends’ all over again with my eldest, loving it!)

Start with a Magic Ring and ch 1 (counts as a stitch) and do all of the following stitches into the magic ring:

htr, tr, htr, dc, htr ch1 htr, dc, htr, tr, htr, dc, sl st and pull through yarn to fasten off at front. Push end through the hole to the back and pull the ring tightly closed. weave in both ends.

Ta da a cute teeny wee heart 💜

How easy was that?

I made these delightfully dainty wee earrings with this pattern, what do you think? I used 4ply recycled cotton (by Drops) and a 2.5mm hook. Quick and really easy and no fancy tools needed, I think they’d make a lovely gift for Valentines or Mother’s Day don’t you? You could easily make a little matching pendant and bracelet too.

Crochet purple heart earrings with beads. Free crochet heart pattern.

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Tiny heart free crochet pattern by The Crafty Therapist
Tiny heart free crochet pattern by The Crafty Therapist

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