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Humble apologies, I’ve neglected Blogland an awful lot lately, so … a wee catch up is in order.

I’m really not good at juggling blogging along with keeping up with social media and … making things and … running a house with 3 easily bored young boys! Something always has to give and I’m sorry that it’s been the blog But I will try to organise myself better, really I will.

So here’s what’s been on my hook lately, well some of it.

I’ve been very eco conscious this year and keen to use materials that are either recycled or destined for landfill. My big make has been my Recycled Bread-bag & Cotton Bag. I’m very proud of this, 70 bread bags and 6 bagel bags saved from landfill and approx 4 balls of beautiful recycled cotton yarn created it.

I love it, really I do. It’s not just a bag, it’s a product of community spirit and represents their care for our planet. People helped you see, they stopped throwing their bread bags in the bin for this and some have ordered their own bags too so it’s going to keep going.

It deserves a post all to itself *sigh* time! Perhaps one day. Meanwhile here it is, isn’t it fabulous?

100% Recycled Bread Bag & Cotton Bag

Another end of school year (and nursery too in my house ) and our lovely way to say thank you was with pretty forever eco flowers for all our teachers.

Recycled Forever Roses
Dinky Eco Flowers

These have all been crocheted using recycled cotton and made using salvaged straws for stems. I used coloured mica and dried lavender & rose petals in the bases for weight, beauty and a delicious natural scent. I am thinking of doing tutorials for these if there is interest. Please do let me know what you think in the comments.

They were very well received

Prior to the end of term I did an Eco Crafts session with my eldest son’s class and I made these lovely pots/lanterns for them. Many of the class made one too and thoroughly enjoyed crafting with what would otherwise be rubbish! Made from a jelly pot, card and felt they were super cheap to do. Again I think a tutorial could be in order

Fairy House
Eco Rocket
Inside is a flameless tealight

Continuing on the eco front I also made these lovely Daffodils for a customer and I hope to share the pattern when I get it written up properly.

Recycled Forever Daffodils

One more eco make that I’ve neglected to share is my super practical Recycled Basket, made largely from bread bag plarn (7 bread bags used to make 1 basket) with just a wee bit of cotton. It’s currently holding my stash of salvaged straws but it can have pens, pencils, makeup brushes, crochet hooks (of course). Another tutorial? Yep, probably and it’s super quick and easy to make too.

Recycled Plarn Basket

So there we have a wee snippet of the last couple of months. Very much eco friendly and all fun makes. I’ve lots more in the pipeline, orders to finish and plenty blog posts and tutorials to come.

And of course there’s Brambly Wood … and Sunny Meadow … there’s so many fairies to meet …

I think you might be hearing from me again quite soon …


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