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I like Big Bows …

.. and I cannot lie!  Who’s with me? Big … fabulous  … on trend … why not? 

So here’s my take on the big bow. It’s really easy and FREE here on the blog too.

FAV on Ravelry

I used a size 4mm (G) hook and dk acrylic and made it using UK treble stitches (double crochet US), but if you want it bigger use thicker yarn and / or a bigger hook. 

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If you want to make it the same kind of size. Then you will need:

Size 4mm (G) Crochet Hook

DK yarn, Deramores Studio DK in Fuschia is a lovely soft non pilling yarn

A knitters Needle (for weaving in ends)

Pattern is written in UK terms and uses the following stitch abbreviations:

Ch – Chain and Tr – Treble (US DC Double Crochet)

The Ch 3 at start each row counts as a stitch.

Ch 19.

Row 1 Tr in 4th ch from hook and tr in each ch, turn (16)
Row 2 Ch 3, tr in each st, turn (16)
Rows 3-30 repeat row 2. (16)

Fasten off (F.O.) leaving long tail. Sew ends together. then pinch in the middle and wrap remaining yarn tightly around the centre and secure. Weave in your ends. This makes your bow shape.

To finish, you can be creative and wrap ribbon or something sparkly around the centre or you can crochet a wee band (pattern below) which looks really cute too. You could use a different colour if you like.


Centre band
Row 1. Ch 7. Tr in 4th ch from hook, tr in each ch (5) turn
Row 2 ch 3 tr in each st (5)
Rows 3-6 Repeat row 2. FO leaving long enough tail to sew ends together. Wrap around the centre of the bow and sew ends together.

Tie onto a hair band or glue to a clip for a seriously fashionable hair accessory every little girl wants. Don’t forget to weave in all your ends.

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What do you think?  Like?  Love? Tried it? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. 

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Thanks so much x❤️x

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