Featured CAL Happily Hooked Magazine – Spiral Hat and Mitts

I’m blown away by the response to my Spiral Hat and Mitts patterns in the September edition of Happily Hooked Magazine. The readers voted them as the winner for this month’s “Shawtney Challenge”, a fun feature Crochet Along (CAL) they run in every edition.

This is, of course, a huge compliment in itself but now so many have completed their sets they are raving about how much they love the patterns! Many have created a project on Ravelry to share their gorgeous hats and mitts and rated the patterns 5 Stars!

Further more one talented maker entered her hat into a competition and WON! So I guess we can say this is now an award winning pattern, how fab is that!

Award Winning hat made by Denise W

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Honestly, all of this is an incredible boost to a humble ‘unknown’ designer like me and it’s lovely to receive such wonderful feedback on my patterns.

Happily Hooked have written a blog post all about it and you can read it below:

Would you love to see some makers makes? I’ll be doing Maker posts and stories over on Instagram and Facebook for the next few days, pop over and follow me there if you don’t already and show some love to all the talented crocheters out there.

Have you made the Spiral Hat or Mitts? Let me share your gorgeous work too. Just comment on this post to let me know.

Fancy making this lovely set? You can get both the patterns in the September edition of Happily Hooked Magazine below:

Happily Hooked Magazine

Or you can purchase them individually from me either at Ravelry or LoveCrafts.

Ravelry Spiral Hat Spiral Mitts

LoveCraftsSpiral Hat Spiral Mitts

Spiral Hat and Mitts in Happily Hooked Magazine

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