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Spiral Crochet Series

The gorgeous and super popular Spiral crochet pattern series, has recently been completed with the addition of a stunning matching Cowl pattern. So now we have a beautiful matching set of Hat, mitts and cowl crochet patterns, all available on Ravelry but here’s the best bit….

If you fancy all three you get one completely FREE in my great pattern bundle deal, when you add all three to your cart or grab the deal below!

Get the 3 Pattern Bundle deal

Yaaaay! And this offer is here to stay my lovelies, so it will always be here AND what’s even more awesome is if you’ve previously bought either or both of the other patterns in the series, on Ravelry, they will count towards this deal!! So if you’ve already bought the hat and mitts you will get the new cowl pattern at a discount or completely FREE depending on if you bought them on a previous deal or not. You just need to go add the cowl to your basket. If you’ve previously bought just 1 of the patterns then add the other 2 to your cart and you’ll only pay for 1 more.

It won’t count if the patterns were gifted from me though or on a previous buy 1 get 1 free deal I’m afraid (because you’ve already had the free one).

This stunning Spiral Series features a fabulous eye-catching spiral shell design that’s very simple and really quick to make too. It really is, I promise.

Just to let you know this post contains adverts and affiliate links, if you click or purchase anything via these links I might earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. If you’d like to help support my blog please consider purchasing supplies through my links. You may read my full disclosure here if you’d like to know more.

The patterns have been very well tested both by my testers and the Happily Hooked Magazine team of testers. and readers too!

The hat and mitts duo were published in the September 2019 (#66) edition of Happily Hooked Magazine and the Cowl (short version only) was in the October (#67) edition. All were very popular patterns and voted as the CAL of the month. If you are interested in a magazine subscription, Happily Hooked is a wonderful magazine with a support group on Facebook that’s absolutely incredible. Check them out below:

Happily Hooked Magazine

And just look at all these beautiful readers photos of their Spiral hats, mitts and cowls.

Happily Hooked Makers
Spiral Hat & Mitts

All three patterns are classed Intermediate level but many beginners have made them too. Remember I’m here to help if you have any problems at all.

Just want one of the patterns for now? No problem, here they are (don’t worry the offer will still be there if you want to get the others later).

Spiral Hat

Spiral Mitts

Spiral Cowl

Already got the patterns? Here’s what you’ll need to make them:

Materials for all 3:

4.5mm and 5mm Hooks (or to suit tension, gauge is provided in the patterns).

Aran/Worsted weight yarn (approx. 200g) see next paragraph for suggestions

Locking Stitch Markers

Scissors, sharp small embroidery type is ideal, aren’t these just beautiful.

Yarn needle

If you need crochet hooks I highly recommend the ergonomic hooks by Knit Pro Waves, they’re really comfortable to use and it’s so easy to find the size you need quickly because of the different colours on the handles! They do a lovely set too, complete with case in Pink or Green if you’re thinking of a gift or to update your crochet hook collection.

For your yarn I know we all have our favs and it’s absolutely ok to use whatever aran weight yarn you like. I highly recommend Women’s Institute Soft & Smooth aran at Hobbycraft (not affiliated) It’s beautifully soft and non-pilling which means your lovingly handmade hat, mitts and cowl will stay looking great for much longer than they would if made with standard yarn. I love this because it means so much more wear and therefore less waste in the long term. A wonderful alternative and popular choice that is also non-pilling is Universal Yarns Uptown Worsted.

Is non-pilling really true though? Yes, it really is, for both the yarns mentioned above. I can’t say that about others out there though (I’ve tried some and no, they’re not anti-pilling). I’m wearing my set for the 2nd year now and they still look brand new! My young son thoroughly tested Universal Yarn Uptown with his fav hat and it still looks gorgeous after 2 years!

Got your supplies and ready to start? Don’t forget the patterns, grab the bundle deal below.

Get the 3 Pattern Bundle deal

Not looking for a new project right now? that’s ok, why not

add to your Ravelry Favs

and Pin it for later using any of the pin pics below.

Thanks, love Jan x❤️x

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