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Sparkle Star Coaster Crochet Pattern

Sparkly time is here and I sooo love a bit of festive sparkle. Actually I love sparkles all year round!

As soon as I saw the gorgeous sparkly metallic recycled ribbon by Paintbox I knew I’d be designing with it! It’s such a pretty yarn and eco friendly too as it’s made entirely from recycled fibres.

It is very hard to capture in photos how sparkly it is. This close up shows it a little for you. I’ll keep trying though!

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After playing around with a few ideas I got my design organised and written up.

The Sparkle Star Coaster is a wonderful quick make in Chunky/Bulky yarn, perfect for your holiday coffee table or to make as gifts. If you love a bit of sparkle at Christmas too, use glittery yarn (like the Paintbox ribbon if you’d like ecofriendly sparkles too), to create stunning festive coasters or make a hanging loop for a pretty festive decoration. You could also string together as bunting.

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Note on selling and copyrights: The pattern and all images belong solely to Janferie MacKintosh, please do not copy or redistribute any part of it, Please do not alter it and try to claim it as your own pattern. YES, you may sell finished items (handmade by you), design credit is appreciated and please always use your own photos so you show your own work.

This is a wonderful project to play with size, you can easily go smaller, just use a smaller hook and thinner yarn. You can make little stars as tree decorations or to pop on a present for a fab finishing touch. It’s a fun and versatile star pattern.


The pattern is shown here FREE. But if you’d like an easy print ad-free PDF you can get it below at very low cost and it’s HALF PRICE in my Black Friday Sale until midnight (GMT) on the 30th November. The PDF includes photo tutorials for all the special stitches and techniques used in the pattern.

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This pattern is featured in the Deck the Halls with Yarn Blog Hop. To see the other fabulous festive patterns. Click on the pic below.

Recommended Yarn

Paintbox Recycled Ribbon or Metallic (photo above in Red and Gold Metallic). The Metallic is a little bit thicker and firmer than the Ribbon, so the gold is a tiny bit bigger than the red one also pictured. The Metallic gives a firmer feel. Uses just a few metres. So you’ll get quite a few out of a ball of this yarn.

Alternatives: Hoooked Ribbon XL. Or use chunky/bulky cotton yarn held together with a metallic thread to get the sparkles or 2 strands worsted weight cotton held together with metallic thread.  It’s a bit fiddly with 3 strands but it’s doable. I made the pink and silver one on the right this way, it’s only a fraction smaller than the red star.


Hook & Other Materials

  • US Size N (10mm) crochet hook – I love this hook and have them in all sizes from 7mm to 12mm, they are so comfortable to use, look pretty and are easy to find by size as each size is a different colour. They’re also exceptionally good value.
  • Big Eye Yarn needle – You need big eyed darning needles for working with ribbon yarn. These are awesome.
  • Stitch marker – I only ever use locking stitch markers, the loop on ones always fall off!
  • Scissors – every crocheter needs a pair of pretty scissors, I love these so much.

Skill Level

Advanced Beginner due to variety of stitches and techniques used. A chainless invisible join and invisible fasten off methods are used, with photo tutorial and instructions provided in the PDF or you can see my online tutorial post.


Sizes/Finished Measurements:

Approx. 6” (15cm) at point to point.

Abbreviations used:

St/sts– Stitch/stitches                        

Ch – Chain

Sl st – Slip stitch (UK ss – slip stitch)

Sc – Single crochet (UK Dc – Double Crochet)     

Hdc – Half Double Crochet (UK Htr – Half Treble)

FO – Fasten off


  1. Ch 1 at the start does NOT count as a stitch.
  2. Use a stitch marker to mark the first stitch.
  3. Invisible joins are used throughout. Alternatively you may join any way you prefer.
  4. Always check your stitch count to ensure you don’t miss or add any stitches.
  5. Stitch count is shown at the end of each round in bold.


Not important, but to meet the same measurements the 1st round diameter measures approx. 2.5cm (1”) once joined and pulled closed.

Special Stitches

Picot: ch 2, sl st into 1st ch. Counts as 1 stitch once complete.

Invisible (chainless) join in the round: Used instead of sl st join and ch 1 start for a neater look. When you have worked the last st of the round, take the loop off the hook and thread through both loops of the 1st st, insert hook onto the loop again and make the starting st of the next round in the same st. See Tutorial post for photo guidance.

Invisible (FO) Finish: Once you’ve worked last st, cut yarn and pull yarn up through the stitch as you remove the hook, tighten, thread yarn end under both loops of 2nd stitch, front to back, now take it back over the top to the last st and thread down from the top and under the back loop, yarn comes through at the back. This makes the appearance of the top of a stitch, with no ugly bump. Then weave in that end at the back of your work making sure you don’t pull the last stitch too tight.


Round 1: Make a magic ring, ch 1 and 10 sc into it, join with invisible join. Pull closed. (10)

Round 2:  *Sc in 2 sts, then ch 2, repeat from * to end, join with invisible join. (20)


Round 3: *Sc in 2 sts, (sc, ch 2, sc, in ch 2 space), repeat from * to end, join with invisible join. (30)

Round 4: Sc2tog, *sc, (sc, hdc, picot, hdc, sc, in ch 2 space), sc, sc2tog, repeat from * to end. Finish off with invisible finish. (40)


Ensure magic ring is closed tightly and weave in ends. Pull to shape as needed.

I hope you enjoy the pattern and love your Star coasters (sparkly or not), any problems please get in touch through social media or send me an email.

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