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Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Hat making season is in full swing throughout the Autumn. Are you making hats for Christmas gifts, Craft Fayres (are they running, anywhere?) or for your online shop? They are always hot sellers. Everyone loves a cozy hat and the prettier the better! And what’s even better is when it’s a free crochet hat pattern, don’t you think?

I’m sure you’ll agree that this week’s featured Free Pattern Friday pattern is very pretty indeed and it’s totally free.

free crochet hat pattern Jelly Beanie

If you’ve missed any of the others, you’ll find them all on the Free Pattern Fridays page, check them out, they are all fantastic free patterns that you don’t want to miss.

Today I’m so pleased to give a big shout out for the gorgeous Jelly Beanie by Loops and Love Crochet.

The Jelly Beanie isn’t just a pretty hat though, it’s such a fun one to work up too. The puff stitches add a cute jelly bean like texture (hence the name) and endless colour possibilities! These beanies look great in multiple colours or just in a single colour.

Matching family hats are no problem at all with the Jelly Beanie as this free crochet hat pattern includes sizes newborn to adult, and a detailed photo tutorial!

How fab is that and there is even a video tutorial on the designers YouTube channel as well! This is so helpful for visual learners.

Are you thinking about what colours to use yet? I am! I’m know you must be desperate to get over to the pattern but stay with me for a moment and let’s get to know a little about the amazing Designer first.

Meet the Designer of this free crochet hat pattern

The very talented creator of the Jelly Beanie is Amanda of Loops and Love Crochet. She’s a self-professed yarn addict, mom, wife, and teacher too!

She learned how to crochet about 6 years ago and quickly became hooked (well it is the best Hobby ever, who can blame her?). A few years later, she began challenging herself to create her own designs. In 2018, she launched the Loops and Love crochet blog and started on her exciting crochet designing and blogging adventure!

free crochet hat pattern Jellly Beanie

She loves designing many crochet projects like various amigurumi, bags, hats, scarves, items for kids, and home décor items. Her crochet patterns feature fun and bright colours and step-by-step photos or video tutorials to make them beginner friendly.

The Jelly Beanie came about after she finished making an ear warmer featuring colourful puff stitches, she thought she’d try her hand at making a beanie featuring similar fun pops of colour and I’m so glad she did. The pairing of a solid colour of yarn with a variegated yarn, and cute puff stitches is sooo pretty and what an exceptional hat the Jelly Beanie is.

She lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband and two beautiful daughters. When she’s not crocheting, she also loves running, playing ultimate frisbee, traveling, drinking coffee, and eating sour candy.

I love to know a bit about the Designer and how the pattern came about, I hope you do too. Thanks for your visit today, head on over to the pattern. All the sizes are there on the post, just scroll down to the size you want to make.

Jelly Beanie by Loops and Love

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free crochet hat pattern, featured guest pattern the Jelly Beanie Loops and love crochet

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