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The Vivienne Shawl Crochet Pattern

The Vivienne Shawl crochet pattern makes a warm, lightweight, triangle shawl that combines the timeless favourite granny stitch with shell clusters and double crochet (UK treble) for a unique, striking design with gorgeous texture.

Granny stitch has got to be one of my favourite of all crochet stitches. I love how quick it works up and how versatile it is. You can use it on so many things and it goes beautifully with other stitch combinations.

The Vivienne Shawl is made in DK #3 weight yarn for a lightweight shawl that isn’t too bulky and heavy but is still warm. Designed to keep shoulders cosy without heaviness or bulk around the neck.

I originally designed this beautiful shawl as a gift for my Mum, Vivienne. She lived in a lovely old farm cottage that could get a bit chilly, but hated a warm stuffy room so didn’t like the heating on. Sadly earlier this year her health declined very suddenly resulting in loss of her mobility and she had to move into a Nursing Home.

But although she doesn’t need to wear her shawl now, she very much admires it and is delighted to have it named after her.

The Vivienne Shawl crochet pattern uses acrylic yarn in DK #3 yarn thickness The purple shawl pictured is made in King Cole Big Value Limited Edition recycled acrylic, the first 100% recycled acrylic! I love (and my Mum loves) that it is recycled and the subtle heathery colours are just gorgeous aren’t they?

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This is a great yarn for any pattern calling for DK yarn, but like many acrylic yarns, while it is soft, it is also little scratchy. So it may not be great for the most super sensitive of skins. I suggest using King Cole Cherished if that applies to you. It is beautifully soft and smooth. While it isn’t recycled, it is anti-pilling so it doesn’t bobble and looks new for years! The photo below is made in this yarn.

You can substitute any DK yarn of your choice though. You could even use other thickness yarns instead and just adjust the number of row repeats to get the size you like. Do swatch though to check your tension, and adjust your yarn and hook accordingly. Bear in mind that a thicker heavier yarn will affect drape unless you increase your hook size.

Eco tip: Wash finished items made in acrylics and polyesters in a Guppy Friend or similar type washing bag to catch the microplastic particles they shed. This is a very tightly woven nylon mesh washing bag, that allows water through but very little of the microplastic particles out. It also protects your beautifully hand crocheted (or knitted) item from wear and tear from washing.

Are you interested in eco-friendly crochet? If so, you might like to join my email list as that’s what The Crafty Therapist is all about, I am always keen to find yarns that are more eco-friendly and write patterns that work for them.

DK #3 weight acrylic yarn approx. 819y – 924y (750m – 845m) in 2 colours (approx. 2.5 skeins of colour 1, half skein of colour 2, depending on your yarn choice).

Yarn used:

Purple: King Cole Big Value Limited Edition 100% Recycled Acrylic – 308y (282m) per 100g (3.5oz) ball, in Plum 250g and Rose 50g. UK | US

Green: King Cole Cherished DK 100% anti-pill acrylic – 273y (250m) per 100g (3.5oz) ball, Laurel 250g and Pebble 50g. UK | US

Hook & Other Materials

Hook: US Size 7 (4.5mm) crochet hook UK | US

Yarn needle: UK | US

Stitch Markers, locking ones are the best and the only ones I use.: UK | US

Sharp scissors: UK | US


Uses a range of basic stitches of sc (UK dc), hdc (UK htr), and dc (UK tr) throughout. The combination along with increases makes it more suited to advanced beginner/intermediate level skills. Instructions are included in the pattern for any special techniques, along with photo tutorials.

Abbreviations used

Ch – Chain | St – Stitch   | Sts – Stitches | Sl st – Slip stitch | Sk – Skip | Sp – Space |

MC – Main Colour | CC – Contrast Colour | Sc – single crochet (UK: Dc – Double crochet) |

Hdc – Half double crochet (UK: Htr – Half Treble) | Dc – Double crochet (UK: Tr – Treble)           

Sizes/Finished Measurements

Approx. Height 6” (15cm) Approx. 46” (117 cm) wide x 27” (69 cm) height.

Special Stitches/Techniques

Granny Stitch: 3 dcs worked into the space between granny st groups of previous row.

Alternating Shell and Dc Stitches: 5 dcs worked in granny st space of previous row, dc worked in next space. Photo tutorial provided in pattern pdf.

All my patterns are tested by my team of amazing testers to help ensure the best quality patterns, that are free from errors. Should you have any problems at all, please get in touch with me, I am always happy to help.

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