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Free Pattern Fridays – Otis the Owl

The very first featured guest pattern on my new Free Pattern Fridays series... meet Otis the Owl ...

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Crochet Crystal Keeper

Do you love crystals or have a crystal loving friend? You're gonna love this easy, quick and FREE pattern. It's the perfect way to wear or carry your favourite crystal tumblestone. This sweet little cotton crystal holder will gently hold your stone (up to medium sized), without any risk of scratching and securely in place.… Continue reading Crochet Crystal Keeper

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Sleepy Mandala Crochet Pattern

Crochet a beautiful crystal embellished mandala to help get a better nights sleep. A beautiful dreamcatcher style design that is easy and quick to make and lovely with or without crystals and a tassel.

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Easy Eco Cowl – Free Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Pattern for an easy, super quick, cowl made in eco friendly ethical banana yarn! Alternatively, you can use any #5 weight bulky yarn if you prefer.

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Banana Yarn Review

Banana yarn ... a bit bonkers, deliciously soft and silky, ethically produced and as envionmentally friendly as it gets. It doesn't get any more 'feel good' than this!

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10 Ways to More Eco Friendly Crochet or Knitting

Want to be a 'greener' crocheter or knitter? It's easier than you think. Here's my top 10 tips to help you be more ecofriendly.

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20 Years!

20 years since the day I married my lovely hubby! I can hardly believe all those years have passed, just like that. Three incredible, crazy, wild and free-spirited kids, and three on the other side who weren't meant for this lifetime. Amazingly through this heartbroken, love-filled journey that has been our road to family life,… Continue reading 20 Years!

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Rainbow of Gratitude Crochet Pattern

Free Crochet Pattern for a Beginner Friendly Rainbow to hang in the window.

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Recycled Yarn Rainbow?

What every crafter wants from a yarn is a great range of colours! I use the gauge of the rainbow... if I can make a rainbow I'm very impressed with the colour range. But I also want it to be truly eco-friendly, delivering a positive service to world in it's existence, so it needs to… Continue reading Recycled Yarn Rainbow?

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Bananas for Banana Yarn

Completely and utterly, it's driven me crazy, I've had ALL the emotions with this yarn! Spoiler alert, this post ends well, banana yarn is my new love! I originally wrote this with the title Banana Disaster! My first experience (note I say first) wasn't a good one you see, it went wrong... horribly wrong... it… Continue reading Bananas for Banana Yarn

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My Patterns… In a magazine!

Whoosh went July (washed away in the rain!) and August has gone in a flash (is there a bit of a weather theme going on here! ). I should have written a post long before now to share some exciting news... My Spiral Beanie and Mitts are now published in a crochet magazine! They're in… Continue reading My Patterns… In a magazine!

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The Rose – Queen of Flowers

Roses have long been revered for their beauty, perfume and their association with love. But there's a lot more roses have to give. This article looks at the culinary and medicinal benefits of the Queen of Flowers.

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January at a glance

With the best of intentions I am still failing miserably at keeping up with blogland! But, ever the optimist, there's always room for improvement. Procrastination, that's my trouble, and isn't January a whopper of a month for it? I'm sure I'm not alone here though. Come on, confess ... you know you're doing it too!… Continue reading January at a glance