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Free Crochet Pattern Tree Garland

free crochet pattern Tree Garland Christmas decoration

The festive season is here and I think lots of us have been longing for this, haven’t we? I’ve noticed many people are putting their heart and soul into their decorations this year. A lot have gone up early and I’m loving it. I honestly would happily keep the twinkly lights up all year, I just adore them. I also adore handmade Christmas decorations, and you can’t beat a free crochet pattern, can you?

Our decorations normally go up mid December and every year I see gorgeous festive patterns to add to it. We always wait until after our twins’ birthday. But this year we all wanted the tree up early, so we did it the last weekend in November. Seems crazy doesn’t it? I think it probably would feel odd if this year hadn’t been the year it has!

It was no surprise to see my Facebook feed filled with friends Tree photos the same weekend! And why not? They make us feel happy and after a year of stress, disruption and devastation, we very much need some joy.

This week’s featured pattern is perfect for decorations and to add to gifts, that is a joy to make too.

free crochet pattern Tree Garland Christmas decoration

I’m delighted to share with you today, the adorably cute Tree Garland & Gift Tag pattern by the super talented Christine Naugle of Sweet Potato 3.

If you’ve missed any of the other fabulous free crochet patterns you’ll find them all on the Free Pattern Fridays page, you’ll definitely want to check them out.

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I really love decorating my tree, don’t you? We have always had an artificial one because of allergies but I adore real Christmas trees and would love one in the garden to decorate with lights too.

The wonderfully creative designer of this delightful pattern really loves her real Christmas tree. She says one of her favorite Christmas Traditions is the tree itself and not just the decorating of it (which she also loves). She loves the tree because you are bringing in something beautiful, living and it fills your home with an aroma that is incomparable to anything. Isn’t that such as wonderful thought? I’m a little envious that I can’t have that wonderful smell, it really is amazing and I saviour it when in the woods.

So, this is the inspiration behind this sweet pattern, the beauty of the Pine Tree.

She loves to create patterns with texture and fell in love a stitch that was “loopy” and made the layers of the branches whimsical and stand out. The “trunk” of the tree is a great place to add your own personality too. I love the look of the tassels in the garland and on the gift tags you’ll spot a pretty bead and a cute smaller tassel that gives a boho look.

free crochet pattern Tree Garland Christmas decoration

Both are just as pretty and you can experiment with both ideas to make it your own.

You can be so creative and have lots of fun with these sweet little trees. You can use traditional tree colours or match your tree decoration colours, you could use sparkly yarn for a bit of twinkle or even do rainbow colours, they’ll all be gorgeous.

I’m sure you’re desperate to get over to the pattern but let’s get to know a little about the amazing Designer first.

Christine designs fun, trendy and unique designs that are full of texture. She’s been designing since 2011 and truly loves what she does. She’s a Stay-at-home Mum to three very active children with a very supportive husband too. They are a very active family and are always off on some crazy adventure.

She has so many wonderful designs on her site. I think you’ll enjoy having a good look around it. I’m sure you’ll find lots more amazing patterns you’ll definitely want to make too.

I love to get to know a bit about the Designer and how the pattern came about. I hope you enjoy that too. Thanks for your visit today, head on over to the pattern.

Tree Garland & Gift Tag by Sweet Potato 3

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Tree Garland Christmas decoration Free Crochet Pattern

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