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Crochet Bluebells

crochet bluebells in vase with bluebell art
crochet bluebells Pinterest Graphic

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A couple of Springs ago, I worked up a pretty bunch of crochet bluebells using discarded drink straws (my kids packed lunches generated lots!) as stems, and had a really lovely response for them on social media. But, I didn’t publish the pattern because, although bluebell-like, they were too big to look enough like the beautiful real flowers. So it’s always been on my mind to revisit them.

I love Bluebells, they’re such magical little flowers and bring back amazing childhood woodland adventures looking for fairies in the woods with my sisters. My Dad made up the most wonderful stories about the Bluebell People, the Fae-folk who dwell amongst the Bluebells and I remember even at 11 years old begging him to tell me a story about them at bedtime, which of course he did. So Bluebells hold a very special place in my heart.

Crochet Bluebells flower bunch

One issue I had to fix on my first set of crochet bluebells, was the yarn. I used DK Acrylic, but it’s just too thick. Bluebells are very dainty. And I wasn’t happy with the shape either, they were too broad. Bluebells are long and graceful in their trumpet-like shape.

I also really wanted them to be eco-friendly, preferably recycled, but that has not been possible (yet!). So cotton it has had to be and although not eco-friendly to grow, cotton is at least a more natural option, and a much ‘greener’ option than acrylic.

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The really great thing is that these wee cuties only need a small amount of yarn so are perfect for using up scrap yarns and that leftover ball from a project that you didn’t know what to do with. Bluebells range from light to deep purples and blues, even royal blues and violets will work well too.

They’re such happy little flowers to make. I hope you’ll enjoy making some too.

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Yarn: 100% Mercerized Cotton 4ply #2 weight yarn in purple/blue and green (small amount, less than 10g)

Recommended yarn (I used): Yarn & Color Must Have in Clematis or Lavender (Lavender a little bit paler) and Amazon or Bottle (a bit darker green).

Alternatively, you could use thread and a smaller hook if you want them smaller.

Hook & Other Materials

US Size C-2 (2.5mm) crochet hook I really love the different colours for each size in this set. I have the big sizes of these and adore them.

Needle with eye big enough for the yarn

Sharp scissors – these rose gold ones are sooo pretty!

Stitch Marker

Thin green Florists wire (Hobby wire sticks) 25cm x 0.71mm (can use thicker/bigger)

Florists tape (green)

Small vase or pot

Small pebbles or mica chips for inside the vase

Wire cutters or pliers to cut the wire

Pattern uses US crochet terminology with UK shown in brackets in the list of abbreviations.

Skill Level Intermediate

crochet bluebells in a small jar

In addition to the basic stitches, you will need knowledge of how to do a magic circle/ring. Working with wire can be fiddly, the leaves are crocheted over wire, so you need to be experienced in making your stitches.

Abbreviations used

St –    Stitch

Sts –   Stitches

Ch –   Chain           

Sl st – Slip stitch

Sc –   Single crochet (UK double crochet)

Hdc – Half double crochet (UK treble)

FO –   Fasten off

Sizes/Finished Measurements

Flower head: approx. 2cm wide (at widest) x 2.5cm long (petals curled) using a C-2 (2.5mm) hook.

Approx. 14cm tall once on stem (height of stem can be adjusted to suit the vase by using longer or shorter wire for the stem).

Special Stitches/Techniques

Ch over wire (Chain over wire). This technique works the crochet chain onto wire, alternating the sides of the wire, so that the wire is held in the centre of the leaf. It creates a wiggly line instead of a straight chain. It is explained with photo tutorial in the pattern pdf.

All my patterns are tested by my team of testers to help ensure the best quality patterns that are free from errors. Should you have any problems at all, please get in touch with me, I am always happy to help. If you use Ravelry or LoveCrafts, and you make these pretty bluebells, please add to your favs and link a project to the pattern to show off your bonnie wee Bluebells. I love to see your projects and if you use social media, pop over and follow me, tag me in posts or use #thecraftytherapist #bonniebluebells to show me. Thank you, love Janferie xx

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