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Berry Fairy Crochet Pattern

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She’s here, she’s finally here! Meet darling little Berry, the gorgeously sweet juicy little fruit fairy crochet pattern.

Fairy Crochet Doll pattern

A fruit fairy is very like a flower fairy but they’re a bit more shy so we don’t see them around much. Berry here, however, is quite the extrovert who loves seeing people out exploring when she tends the wild raspberries. She’s a very cheery wee fairy who loves playing in my Raspberry bushes too and posing for photos!

Fairy Crochet Doll pattern

She loves Raspberries (of course) and is a huuuuge fan of chocolate cake. Who knew fairies like cake too huh? Have you ever tried chocolate cake with raspberries? It’s amazing ❤️

Her pattern took such a long time to get published, life kept getting in the way so it felt like a huge achievement to finally release her for you. My wonderful testers had great fun making her and were delighted to help me ensure the pattern is error free and easy to follow.

She’s fun and pretty easy to make, advanced beginners with experience of common stitches should manage her ok. But as always I am here to help if you run into difficulty.

Why not add her to your favs and if you make her I’d really love to see her 💕 please do a project on Ravelry or tag me on Facebook or Instagram.

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Her pattern is in UK terms with US shown in brackets in the abbreviations.

Made using DK acrylic yarn she measures approx 7″. I designed her before I learned about more eco friendly yarns. I hope to remake her sometime in a more earth friendly yarn.

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Here’s what you’ll need to make her:


Size 2.5mm (C) and 3mm (D) and crochet hooks. I only use ergonomic hooks, they’re so much more comfortable to use. I love Clover Soft Touch and KnitPro Waves. If you ever have pain from crocheting please consider changing your hooks, you’ll be amazed at the difference if you’re using standard steel or plastic.

Locking Stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round

DK acrylic yarn (Stylecraft Special DK) in the following colours: Skintone of your choice (the one I used is very pale pink not very skin like at all!), Pomegranate (quite bright like mine), or Raspberry (not as bright and not that raspberry like to be honest), or Boysenberry (a wee bit darker and a bit more purple, I love this colour) . And Meadow for the leaf shaped wings.

You could certainly use cotton instead (Ricorumi for a huge range of colours) if you’d like to avoid acrylic and you can even get recycled toy filling or wool based instead.

Black embroidery cotton for lashes (very small amount) and eyes if you want to embroider them.

Pink or red embroidery cotton for mouth (very small amount)

Sparkly or a darker green yarn, I used for edging and embroidering leaf veins on the wings. A small amount needed, you may have some scrap yarn that will do. I used James C Brett Twinkle in Emerald. A cotton based alternative might be Rico Metallise.

Yarn/embroidery needle

Scissors (how pretty are these beautiful Hemline Stork scissors)

Toy Stuffing (only a couple of handfuls needed)

Safety eyes 8mm or 9mm (optional)

Abbreviations used:

MR – Magic ring (adjustable ring)
FO – Fasten off
Slst – slip stitch (US sl st)
Sts – stitches
Dc – double crochet (US sc)
Htr – half treble (US hdc)
Tr – treble (US dc)
Dtr – double treble (US trc)
Ttr – Triple treble (US dtc)
FLO – Front loop only
BLO – back loop only
Dctog – Double crochet 2 stitches in 1 (decrease) (US Trtog)
Picot – ch 3 and slp st into top of treble to create a little point

Special Stitch – HtrBB Half Treble Blackberry (HdcBB Half Double crochet Blackberry US) and is fully explained in the pattern.

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