Free Pattern Friday – Bulky Pumpkin Amigurumi

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With Autumn/Fall in it’s full glory and Halloween upon us, are you ready for this week’s featured free pattern?

It’s perfect for this time of year … both Halloween and as a sweet addition to your Autumn home decor.

I think it’s just the cutest chunky pumpkin … and it’s a delight to share with you, the Bulky Pumpkin Amigurumi by Jayrae Yarncrafting.

It’s a super quick and easy pumpkin pattern that is excellent for selling at craft fairs. It works up so fast by holding two strands together to make this a bulky-sized project. This pattern is worked flat and simply joined with a seam. You’ll be whipping up loads in no time at all!

I love Autumn, everything about it, especially the beautiful colours and the switch to cosy wears. In the UK it’s only just in the last few years that pumpkins have become part of our essential decor for the season and they have become much loved iconic Halloween decorations! But they’re most definitely not just about Halloween, are they? They give us that gorgeous cosy Autumn feel and there’s nothing better than a snuggly amigurumi version.

Before you head on over to work up some crochet magic on making your gorgeous pumpkins, I’d love to tell you a little about the designer…

Her name is Jaymie and she’s been crocheting for over 10 years. She’s been designing for a while but only recently started writing her patterns down and turning them into patterns for others. She has a degree in Biological Science and is a government worker by day.

When she’s not crocheting, she loves to play video games. She decribes herself as a geek, but with a passion for creativity and likes to create things that are fun and quirky. She focuses on accessories and decor for the home. She lives in Illinoi with her husband and two rescue dogs, Link and Samus.

Jaymie also adores this time of year, Fall is her favorite season and she loves to decorate with pumpkins and gourds. Amigurumi pumpkins are awesome because they never rot! You can keep them out the entire season with no fuss. There are lots of pumpkin patterns out there but she wanted to create one that was simple so that even new crocheters could make it. She also wanted it to work up quick so used two strands of worsted weight held together to make the pumpkin bulky. You can create lots of these in just one day to get a lot of inventory for a craft fair or just to decorate your own home. Use different shades of orange yarns to get different coloured pumpkins!

Head on over now and have a go at this gorgeous free pattern.

Jayrae Yarncrafting – Bulky Pumpkin Amigurumi Pattern

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    1. Jan from The Crafty Therapist – Inverness Scotland – I'm an Eco Crochet Designer and Natural Therapist striving to tread more gently on Mama Earth. I live in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, with my husband and three boys, along with our big fluffy cat. We strive to be as plastic free as possible and reuse whatever we can. I even reuse bread bags by turning them into Plarn (plastic yarn) to crochet bags with! I have a tutorial on my blog on how to make plarn and plan to publish my bag patterns. I mainly use natural products, recycled and eco friendly yarns that don't harm the earth, where-ever possible.Through sharing my experiences, on my blog and social media, of using greener yarns and products and designing crochet patterns using these yarns, I hope to encourage you to consider eco friendly choices too. Not just for crafts but for all our everyday buying decisions too. You can find my crochet patterns on my blog, Ravelry, LoveCrafts and published in Happily Hooked Magazine.

      That’s great to hear, I’m so pleased you love it Kellie xx

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