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Eco-friendly Crochet Gift Ideas

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Thinking of gift ideas for Mother’s Day is always a tough one. My mum loves me to crochet her a gift, but she has so many scarves, hats and bags that I’m left really struggling for crochet gift ideas. Are you the same?

My mum is actually very hard to buy for, and I am too if I’m honest! She loves the garden, hates waste and is very keen on eco-friendliness, practical and natural products. She wouldn’t thank me for chocolates or flowers (I’m just the same, allergic to both). She really has everything she needs, so I asked my crochet designer friends for their best patterns that are perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and with an eco-friendly focus.

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I love crochet jewellery and think they make wonderful gifts. I love how much you can personalise them with colours and beads. So top of my list are gorgeous crochet jewellery ideas.

1 – Crystal Keeper Necklace – by yours truly (free)

For crystal loving Mums, this cotton necklace would be a perfect gift. She can wear her favourite crystal whenever she wants and easily switch to another one, with no worries about scratching the crystal. You could include a new crystal tumblestone with it making it a very special gift.

Crystal keeper crochet necklace in red with crystals

2 – Alma Fan Crochet Earrings – by Bliss This Crochet (£)

Crochet earrings are so beautiful and make such lovely gifts. Amber from Bliss This Crochet is the Queen of crochet earrings. She has soooo many pretty earring designs that it was so hard to choose one! So I asked her for her most popular ones and chose one from them for you. But I highly recommend you have a look through all her stunning earring designs.

Fan shaped earring crochet gift idea

3. Spring Blossom Bracelet – by me again (free size S only, £ M & L too)

Bracelets are so quick and easy to make and flower designs are classic for Mother’s Day aren’t they. So what better way to give her flowers than for her to wear them. You can make her a matching set with the gorgeous Spring Blossom Necklace too (free).

Crochet bracelet crochet necklace pink flower crochet gift ideas

4. Carnations – by Hooked on Patterns (free)

If you’d love to give her a bunch of Flowers, why not give her crocheted forever flowers. Crocheted flowers make such a beautiful gift that will be especially appreciated by allergic mums and those who have the opposite of green fingers!

flowers mother's day crochet gift

5. Flower Face Scrubbies – by Made by Gootie (free)

Bath and pamper products are always top gift ideas, why not make her some face scrubbies and team with a luxury cleanser. This one is a very pretty and lightly textured design that I just adore in this multi-coloured cotton yarn. You could make a lovely set of these in her favourite colours.

Crochet face scrubbies pinks

For frequent wash items like these, always use plant based yarns like cotton, linen, bamboo or tencel for a long-lasting gift that washes well, with no nasty microplastics escaping down the plug hole.

6. Cara crochet face scrubbies – by Cristaco Design (free)

I’ve included another because I love this square design, it’s such a practical shape that’s easy to hold and use. The pretty stitch used gives a subtle texture that’s gently exfoliating too. Made in cotton they’re perfect for washing over and over whilst keeping their looks. You can match Mum’s decor or go rainbow coloured for a fun gift.

Face scrubbie crochet gift idea

7. Tri Tra Triangle shawl – by CrochetThing (free)

Shawls are always a great gift choice and I think the style and design of this shawl is just beautiful. The yarn used, Katia Re-tape, has impressive green credentials too and for the eco-conscious mum I think it’d be a huge hit don’t you?

8. The Marigold Market Bag – by Hooks Books & Wanderlust (free)

Reusable market style bags have become extremely popular in the last couple of years, and there are hundreds of patterns out there. But for me they have to pretty as well as practical. So I had to include some here for gift ideas. This one has the most gorgeous pretty base.

Mandala base market bag crochet gift idea

9. The Primrose Market Bag – by Sunflower Crochet Cottage (free)

I also love this pretty style, you could make it in her favourite colour combination.

I think a bag is the perfect gift to fill with more gifts, don’t you? You could add her favourite goodies, a good book or even some gorgeous eco-friendly yarn if she’s a crochet or knitting fan too!

crochet flower market bag blue crochet gift idea

10. Crocheted Slippers – by KnitznPurlz (free)

The cutest crochet slippers I think I’ve ever spotted! These fluffy slippers are made in recycled t-shirt yarn and the faux fur adds a really fun look that must be so soft on the feet too. A cute gift idea! Add a non slip silicone grippy coating to the soles and you’ve the perfect pair of light slippers that are ideal for warmer weather.

I’ve added an extra bonus idea at the end here! I’m sure my new Bonnie Bluebells pattern would be very well appreciated as a Mother’s Day gift.

crochet bluebells in a small jar

That concludes my Mother’s Day eco-friendly crochet gift ideas, quite an eclectic mix, I’m sure you’ll agree. I hope you’ll find some inspiration here for crochet pattern ideas and can whip up a gorgeous eco-friendly crochet gift this year for your Mum/Mother-in-law/Gran/Wonderful Woman.

Remember to tag the designer in your photo/post if you make their pattern, we really, really love to see your makes.

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Thanks so much, happy crocheting and happy Mother’s Day too!

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